If you want a reason to eat more chocolates, here’s one!

About 7.5 million people in America alone suffer from a persistent cough every year. That too defined as one that lasts more than two weeks after the underlying cause disappears.



Though the most medications to control the symptoms are opiate-based ones like cough syrups containing codeine, a narcotic. But there had been a recent study that shows a compound present in chocolate can help you get over your cough pretty easily.

In this article we’ll find out what that substance is & how it gives us relief from coughing?



Dark chocolate is the one



While many of us resort to natural ingredients such as honey and lemon to soothe a cough, scientists have revealed why chocolate is a reliable remedy.

Eating dark chocolate has a number of benefits on your health which can help the body when fighting a tickly cough.

Cocoa itself is actually a superfood! It’s high in minerals such as magnesium and, particularly in its raw form, is rich in antioxidant flavonols too.

You can also go for any other kind of chocolate but dark chocolate comes with a high percentage of cacao. It’s relatively low in sugar.



Theobromine is the substance



Not only did theobromine prove more effective than codeine (a prior used compound to cure cough), but the doses used were found to have none of the side effects.
With theobromine there’s no demonstrated side effects in the study. Also, theobromine may not cause drowsiness.
This means there will be no restrictions on when it can be taken. For example, people using heavy machinery or who are deriving should not take codeine, but they could take theobromine.

The effectiveness of treatment can be limited by the dosage you can give someone.






So to help soothe a cough, choose a chocolate bar with maximum raw cacao content. The goodness in regular chocolate is destroyed when the cacao is roasted above 40 per cent.

Hence, now you know if you really need to sooth a sore throat, you don’t have to bother with commerical cough medicines or syrups either.






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