Does your confidence and competence you exude leads others to look up to you and compliment you?

Well, if it is so then you have a strong personality. There are a lot of qualities than can gain you a good personality but there are also some certain qualities that stand out more than the others do and these qualities are the ones that define your genuine personality to the rest of the world.

Ways of thinking, feeling and behaving determine how the person responds to certain situations.

People with strong personalities tend to be very strong leaders. They have natural tendency which causes others to flock towards them because of their ability to make decisions, dish out directions and place themselves at the top of a social ladder.

Below there are some of the key ingredients present in strong personalities. Go through it & find out whether you have a strong personality or not?

#1. You are filled with kindness and compassion


#2. You don’t put up excuses


#3. You have goals


#4. You listen people well


#5. You don’t need attention


#6. You’re not arrogant


#7. You admit when you’re wrong


#8. You take insecurity as an opportunity


#9 You don’t live in past

So, what are the results. If you have 7/9 or more qualities in you then you have a great personality, between 5-7 have good personality & below that needs improvement.

But there’s nothing to worry about. Even if you don’t find this qualities in yourself you can be a strong personality. No one gets a strong personality by birth, strong personalities are developed by being thoughtful and well-informed. 

You can spend plenty of time and effort to improve your brain power for good. Keep going. You will definitely continue to learn and evolve.

If i tell you the truth, everyone has a strong personality. The only difference that makes a line between strong & weak personality is that strong personalities live their own ways and weak live people’s way.

“See Everyday As A Chance To Grow Better”


If you want to improve your emotions, work-performance and relationships, your strengths and correct your weaknesses, You must read out the book Personality Plus once.



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