Love going to parties with friends? Drinking those cool, heavy glasses of alcohol, many of us do. Well, we know drinking is bad for health, but it have some benefits also if drunk on occasions.

Just that it’s important to have some resistance strategies lined up in advance. Below there are some hints to help you drink responsibly if you choose to consume alcohol. 


#1. Stop having painkillers

Alcohol-drug interaction may cause an unsafe side effects. Consuming painkillers must be avoided as it can be life-threatening & can increase risks of respiratory depression by causing breathing problems.

Avoid having them prior to drinking and also afterwards (3-4 hours)!


#2. Slow down

Drink slowly and aim to have no more than two drinks in three hours. To keep busy, focus on talking to the ice-breakers.


#3. Don’t swim

Increasing your chances of drowning since your balance & coordination are both not functioning properly.


#4. Avoid Mixing alcohol with energy drinks

Will make you falsely believe that you’re sober & will make you want to drink more.


#5. Don’t breastfed a baby

When there’s alcohol in breast milk, babies drink less and may not grow as well!

When mothers had more than one drink daily during breastfeeding their babies may have impaired motor development at age 1, though a study did not duplicate that finding.



No matter whether you drink or not, it’s always that, prevention is better than cure. So, whether you drink or by chance you get to drink, these are some points that you can keep in mind to stay healthy and prevent yourself from disorders.

What do you think about it, let me know? Also share some more tips that you prefer.

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