Okay, bulk buying groceries gives benefit but there are some of them which should be avoided buying in bulk.

The reason is related to your health & I don’t think you wanna compromise with it!

You bulk buy something thinking i am buying some great stuffs for me, but this stuffs ditch you, they loses their nutritional value or the taste. And at the end they just leave losses on you.

To know which stuffs you should avoid buying in bulk & why, keep reading…






#1. Flour



The best buy you can go for is a four-five-pound bags, you can easily store it in the freezer. This will protect it from bugs and going rancid, also you can eat it at your what so ever pace that suits you.

Bulk buying of it is’t a good idea, even if they are cheaper than its original price.

The shelf life of wheat is about 5 months, but do you think its a good idea to store it in your pantry for such long!

You may know flour is highly prone to weevil infestations, so keeping it in your pantry will just raise the bar for troubles & nothing else.

That’s why in order to invest your money wisely & to ripe the complete benefit of wheat, don’t go beyond a month stock or few!






#2. Spices



Are you a taste freak, like to have a bunch of spices in your meal to attain that spicy taste?

If yes, bulk buying spices can be a enemy for you in terms of taste!

Sure, spices don’t get bad over time but they become stale overtime for sure. And the more refined the spice is, more easily it will lose its flavor.

A packet that lasts a few month is good but a bundle of it that can go past 6 months is an issue! Because after this period spices start losing taste.






#3. Oils



If you’re a great consumer of it, you like baking cookies or something everyday, then there’s no issue, you got a speed usage capacity!

But if you barely uses oil say 2-3 times a week, you should surely avoid its bulk buying. 

You may have heard it from your grandma that oil to use should always be fresh! And that’s really true, the longer the oil is kept unused, more thicker it gets which means it becomes more & more unhealthy for you which can leave you a whole lot of saturated fat.

So, if you don’t consume a lot of it, a litre or few of it for a month will be good for you. Also you can keep your oils in fridge to avoid its damage & increase its shelf life!



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#4. Eggs



Your fridge may got those egg containers but do they really help keep your egg that nutritional!

Well, eggs in fridge can go over a long time but the thing is the quality deteriorates quite quickly. Just after a few days of fridge storage, they start to loose its initial nutritional value absorbing moisture from its porous shell.

So, the question is what amount is good to buy & where to place these eggs?

Well, getting through 1/2 doz a week and keeping them out of the fridge can workout perfectly fine. Your eggs will be fresh, full of nutrition & away from damage!



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#5. Shredded Mozzarella




Mozzarella cheese is a best bulk buy as it got a great shelf life & also comes cheaper in bulk. But shredded cheese should be used early!

The main reason people go for shredded cheese is because it saves time but buying a whole block of cheese can serve much more benefit.

It can save your money & also will last long. Shredded cheese has got sticky property & with that it gets difficult to use after a few days which don’t lies with block cheese!

So next time while going for cheese ask for a block rather than slices or shredded one!






#6. Peanut butter



You may have struggled with it! Having a jar of it for long leads to oily separation.

Peanut butter got a lot of proteins & essential elements but you can’t deny it is high in lysine too.

So when you leave it for too long this lysine affects it’s nutritional value & thus not let peanut butter give you that nutrients you deserve from it.

It’s quantity will depend on your usage! It should not last longer than 3 months.




Maybe you can save a few dollars buying these things in bulk but at the cost of your health & needs! I don’t think it worth it…




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