There’s absolutely nothing better you can do for your body than providing your it a great breakfast!

By skipping it you’re doing much more harm to your body than you think.

You may not see the effect in a few days, but if you keep skipping for longer. You can face some really bad disorders.

Below i have listed some of the most common problems you will face skipping breakfast on a regular basis






#1. Reduced brain functioning


You may know that the sugar responsible to keep our brain active is glucose. And your body gets glucose by carbohydrates i.e, food.

At night when you have your dinner & go for sleep, its a duration of 6-8 hours which is pretty long for our body to utilize all of dinner’s carbohydrate.

In this condition, avoiding breakfast leaves your brain with less glucose than it requires. This thus affects your brain’s power of thinking, remembering & logic abilities.

And these are just by avoiding on a daily basis. If it’s your habit than it can be more worst.






#2. Increased chance of Type-2 Diabetes


You may see it as a massive disease that doesn’t occur easily but trust me followed by eating excessive sugar, skipping morning meals will be the greatest thing responsible for causing Diabetes 2 to you!

Diabetes 2 is a condition in which your body’s cells aren’t able to respond to insulin as well as they should, though your pancreas produces insulin which keeps your blood sugar level in control, but your body become unable to recognize it!

When you skip breakfast, your body still releases insulin but since there’s no sugar, your body don’t respond to it. The more you will skip breakfast the more insulin will be skipped by body. And after a while your body will not respond to insulin properly. This is how it goes!

It’s not that you will get it skipping only a day or few, but if you have a habit of skipping breakfast often, you should be careful.





#3. Sure weight gain


What, you thought you can lose weight avoiding breakfast? Hell No! Instead it will increase your weight more faster.

Let me explain, you have not eaten anything from the night before so you’re hungry, your body needs food. And on it you are shifting your meal time to noon avoiding breakfast!

It obvious you will be more hungry, your body is craving for food so you will eat a lot more which will be even greater compared to taking a normal breakfast & lunch!

So, if you’re avoiding breakfast to lose weight than let me tell you, it will not work.





#4. Thinning & hair fall


Yes, that true! Avoiding breakfast triggers hair thinning & loss.

Look, your hair are made of keratin which is a kind of protein. And when you avoid breakfast, your hair protein requirement scatters, your hair becomes weak & fall off!

On the other hand, if you have a protein rich breakfast everyday, there are less chances of hair fall. Also you can see some sort of improvement in your hair density.

That’s why we are advised to have a protein rich meal in the morning to fulfill our body’s protein requirement! Egg can be a great option as it contains every single protein your body needs.




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#5. You’re inviting stress


Same what I said by skipping breakfast you’re avoiding glucose. Thus, symptoms such as migraines and exhaustion from low blood sugar is quite common.

That’s the reason why people behave angry & frustrated when hungry!

Your body has a hormone called Cortisol from adrenal glands. It is popular as ‘stress hormone’.

It’s function is to control blood sugar level, thus reducing stress.

So, next time when you’re stressed & avoiding breakfast in frustration remember you’re just making the condition more worst.





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#6. Suppresses your energy


Obviously, how can you think of being energized when you are so low on glucose & protein!

Sure you can take pills to cover your needs but do you think it’s really necessary to do that, why not just have a healthy breakfast instead of taking those pills.

Also you will be able to provide much more to your body than just what it need by having a nutritious meal. Makes sense nah!







Okay, I think that’s enough to motivate you to must have a breakfast everyday.

It’s your body buddy, only place in which you have to spend your whole life, why not take care of it properly.

Lastly, there’s nothing more important in the morning than having a breakfast. No meeting, no work or anything. So, grab yourself some good meal right away!



“A Good Breakfast Fuels You Up & Gets You Ready For The Day”


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