What would constitute a recipe for your child’s happiness and success? The answer is ‘life skills’, which are social,emotional and cognitive skills.

Many parents had the view that as parents, we invest time and money in sending our children for tutions, hobby courses, sports and other after school activities and that’s our only duty.

It’s a bad perspective today as the world we live in today has an immense competition and it is a responsibility of every parent to make his/her child capable to stand with his competitive world.


Children are sponges when it comes to learning–they soak everything in, including what they observe from their own parents’ behaviors. 

It’s the dream of every parent that their child grows up happy and successful in life. Here are some important skills that will help your child overcome all the difficulties:







#1. Self-reliance

As you invest in developing your child’s self-esteem, you will see that he is willing to take risks, deal with failure, stand up to bullying, welcome challenges, work on his weaknesses and is even able to laugh at himself.

Self-esteem is a foundational life skill and is reflected in how we value ourselves and our worth, to our families, friends and the world around us.


#2. The Ability to take a stand

If your child have leadership qualities, he/she can function as a leader whenever a situation arises that requires that you take the lead, set the team’s direction, or make decisions.

Teach your child not to be afraid to speak out and make his/her opinions known—particularly if you’re the lone voice representing user experience.


#3. Know the value of money

Everyone wants their kids to understand the value of money, but somehow, a lot of them never get there. 

Actually there are some simple ways to accomplish this task even if you struggle with money yourself. As mentioned earlier your child learns from you if your kids see you waste money or treat savings frivolously, they will pick up your habits.


#4. Confident

To get ahead in a competitive world, your child will need to be Confident to think critically — to observe, analyze, and come up with smart solutions to complex dilemmas.

To get there, your child needs to learn to ask questions like “why?” and “what if?” and to think through all sides of an issue.








#5. Should be able to overcome failures

Lots of sports leagues for younger kids don’t even bother to keep score anymore — to prevent one team from feeling like losers.

And all because we don’t want our children to feel bad about themselves. A little disappointment can actually benefit your child — as long as you teach him how to bounce back from it and cope with failure. It can be a great quality to make your child a successful person in life.


As parents, we love our kids so much we want to protect them, help them, and cultivate them into perfect, happy humans.

Unfortunately, this over-parenting has the opposite effect, leaving our kids unready for the world and life as adults.

One of the best ways to give your child a head start on success is to encourage healthy lifestyle habits. We all know that wellness-focused children often grow up to become healthier, happier, more productive adults, and that often leads to success. 

If you think that success and happiness are linked to mere academic performance, just look back on your own lives and schooldays, and you will probably see that the classmates who got the highest grades are not necessarily happy or successful!


It’s the values that matters not the grades “



If you like i want to suggest you a book to read by which your child can gain flexibility and mental strength they need to cope with life’s challenges in an increasingly complicated and scary world. 

13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do combines case studies, practical tips, specific strategies, and concrete and proven exercises to help children of all ages.






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