Today, more than 6 in 10 people wear glasses or contact lenses all over the world, and the number is just increasing day-by-day!

If you rely on visual aids like glasses and contact lens to see clearly, losing them can be a nightmare you’ll try to avoid at all costs.

So, here I have a few simple trick for you which can help even the most astigmatic of people to see clearly.

But wait! Don’t throw out your glasses just yet. These are just temporary hacks for a clear vision which comes in action by blocking light rather than focusing it, making images viewed clearer, but significantly darker than they actually are.




#1. Squinting eyes


For a long while, it was been thought squeezing eyelids somehow reshapes faulty eyeballs. And while squinting may does slightly change the shape of your lenses, the real answer has to do more with the back of your eye than the front.

Squinting can help you see objects clearer! 

Here’s what it does- When you squint, you are reducing the amount of light coming from other sources—stripping some of the noise away. It alters the shape, focusing light where it’s supposed to go, thus forms a clear image of the object you were trying to see.

Also, with this method, you’re not scrunching up your face, so you won’t have to worry about a headache.



These 3 Naturally Simple Steps Will Protect Your Eyesight From Damage


#2. Creating a pinhole using finger



Imagine our eyeball is like a dark room, retina is like the back wall, and the pinhole is like the tiny window.

Creating a pinhole using finger makes our eye’s lens constricted! This helps your eye focus on a object lot better.

Here the pinhole is creating some focus on its own & effectively increasing your depth of field dramatically.

You’re filtering away all the photons that aren’t coming directly into your eye, which gives a clear image since light that comes at a 90 degree angle isn’t reflected, regardless of the lens.






These tricks were based on one single principle i.e, the technique works by focusing light on the retina, the sensitive part at the back of the eye where a crisp image is formed.

These were the temporary solution you can use almost everywhere to get a fine vision instantly but hey there are some speculations that overdoing these can affect your eye-shape, so don’t use them as a primary solution!

And if you want a permanent natural solution to regain your eyesight back to normal, check out this article below–









Here Is The Way To Regain Your Eyesight Back To Normal!





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