What is that success formula that some people have by which they start one successful business after another while others fail to succeed.

The formula can make a huge difference because if an entrepreneur really knew what he is doing wrong, he can save the business.

Working hard but still failing to attain the desired results is the the hell of pains for anyone passionate to get his/her dream success. That’s why i have listed some of this short but extremely effective points.

Examine each point carefully and find out whether you have this 6 success-stopper habit or not:

#1. you only dream about doing, but never act


#2. You never start because you’re scared of failure


#3. You make excuses and blame others for something not happening


#4. You only aim at the creamy part of your aim without working on basics


#5. You lose focus easily and have a leaky plan


#6. And last but the most important one, Although you want to be successful, you’re lazy as hell



“Winners face more failures than loser”. Failing is important, human beings are creatures who learns from their past experiences but in a long run if you are failing repeatedly then this can be a indication that you are on the wrong path to success.

This few success-stoppers listed above is all that you need to get out of your system to get your sure successful really quick.

Success is possible for anyone who is willing to achieve it. There are many who want success, but there is a huge difference between wanting-to and willing-to. You have to be willing to change yourself.

Pledge to yourself that I will change myself for anything that it takes to get my dream success on my feet…

Here’s a book suggestion for you. If you want go through it.

The book Success by my favourite author Napoleon Hill is a must read for those who want to learn the Law of Success and the Magic Ladder to Success. In this book he has described 17 factors or principles behind success.

A result of over 500 interviews with successful people and even more important, interviews with many more who failed initially.



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