Sugar is really something we all love, but it has some bad side if taking in excess. It is recently being said to be a slow poison by many, and that’s really true.

Sure, you’re completely safe if you’re consuming just a spoon or less of it a day, but if your intake is a bit greater, you gotta read this now.

Below I have listed some of the most basic yet dangerous effects of eating excessive sugar…

#1. Premature Aging:

Aging is natural and unavoidable, consuming a high level of sugar in food is a main cause of aging.


#2. Excessive Craving:

It is an element which creates excessive cravings when consumed on a regular basis.



#3. Obesity:

It always leads to obesity in a person. It contains such elements that encourage a person’s body fat to increase.



#4. Diabetes Type- 2:

  Eating too much of it causes type 2 diabetes.



#5. Heart Disease:

  It ain’t the fat… It’s sugar that raises your cholesterol and gives you heart disease.



So, for achieving a great health free from diseases tell yourself-

“I Don’t Need Much Sugar, I Am Sweet Enough”





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