Having a unique impression at work can help you in many ways especially financial wise!

Sure just like you, your colleagues are also trying their best to impress the boss. And that’s why you have to be a step ahead in this game.

In this article, you’ll find 7 awesome ways to win your boss’s heart & be on top of their priority list both relation-wise as well as increment-wise!

It time to put in the gear, so let’s peep into this…






#1. Be willing to greet



Something that’s genuine & touching! Like instead of saying ‘good morning’ which most of your friends will! Go for something like, ‘wow, you look really fresh today, think you got a great sleep last night.’

That’s something your boss not hear much so they will surely appreciate it from the depth of their heart!

Complimenting people is the key to their heart. And you don’t have to hold a degree to learn how to complement people or give fake complements.

It’s simple! If you genuinely like anything about someone, just let them know about it & see the magic.




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#2. Let your loyalty spread



Think yourself as a boss, you have a chance to offer promotion to anyone, whom you’ll choose, one who is loyal to you or the one who don’t even likes you?

Of course, the one who is loyal. And that’s what you have to do!

If you see your boss struggling for keys at the parking which he left in his office, get him the keys.

This might feel bad if you’re high on ego but then that’s the deal, not everyone will do this! And your loyalty will be observed.

This was just an example, you can deal it your own way.






#3. Tell them how much you’re inspired by them




From ancient time, we love to be around & talk to those people who value us. I mean who the hell in this world don’t wanna be a inspiration to others.

Just let your boss know, how inspired you’re by their work & trust me you’ll be half way there to win their heart.

This can take time, once or twice can go unnoticed but if you keep finding opportunities to tell your boss how great it is working with them can help you get through it.






#4. Be on time



Timing is a must to follow, it gives an overview of your discipline!

Boss always want the best of  employee to do their crucial projects & by being late constantly you never gonna get it.

And until the boss recognizes your skills, you can’t think of a promotion!

The best will be to get in the office minutes before your boss enter & if possible be the first to greet him with a handshake at the lobby.



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#5. Dress is the deal



A well dressed person represents a sign of trust & dignity!

Have you ever thought why big dealer or business leader always wear ironed shirt, tie & a three piece suit? Because it makes them seem a trustable person using which they crack big deals.

All you have to do is, avoid wearing anything that’s not as per the dress code, always wear clean shirts & ironed clothes. Smell can also play a vital role so ya take care of it too. 

Impress your boss by your dressing, it’s the easiest & most effective way to do it!








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#6. Talk positive




Be a person who motivates people & also is a fun individual to talk with!

Not just with your boss, talk positive to your colleagues too. This will make people addicted to you & here’s why-

Everyone wanna surround themselves with people talking to whom they feel positive rather than talking to someone who is always complaining.

When you do that your boss will look at you like a leader of all employees because all are willing to talk to you & with that you can get what you want.











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#7. Don’t forget occasions



Be the first to congratulate your boss on every occasion, this simple move can raise your value & respect in your boss’s head!

Other will also do the same so remember what we discussed in the first point, keep it genuine & touching.

You can take it to a next level by greeting your boss with a handwritten letter.

“What bullshit, why I’ll waste my time writing a letter & waiting days to reach it to my boss!”

But it really worth it, sending a birthday wish by a messenger is not as effective as it is by a hand written letter.

I’m telling this by my personal experience. Once my friend send me one, I had it till date,it’s that important for me.

It represents that you had given your time writing this letter & managing to post it!






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Often people neglects small things like a warm handshake or greeting on their boss’s birthday but the fact is these are the things that matters a lot! They keep doing works like a slave but end up seeing someone else getting promoted.

This is all due to lack of good relationship with their boss. So, be a kind of employee your boss can’t resist!




“Sure Work Is What Defines Your Ability But Social Connect Is Something Way More Important”




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