Many people start their own businesses to escape the rat race and create their own reality. One that includes determining their own schedule and spending ample time doing the things they love.

They think, if they do the work they love doing, there’s no way they can’t become financially free. And they’re right up to some extent!

Sure, passion is the only way to success, but there’s the one hidden thing not many know & it’s really plays a big part in your overall financial game. It’s the work-life balance.

Ever wondered how billionaires manages they work & life with such big responsibilities over their head?

In this article we’ll find out the way or technique they use to create Their work-life balance.




Do you need work-life balance:



If you are making a middle-class income, work-life balance is the wrong goal for you. You don’t need to have balance in your life, you need money.

Because once you become comfortable, you take less action. And when you take less action, you stop pushing yourself to fulfill your desire of attaining financial freedom.

All i wanna say is, seeking comfort over financial freedom is what will separates the moderately successful you from becoming the most successful you!

So, if you’re on your way to making wealth, keep going & once you feel you don’t have to work longer, think for taking a rest or balancing your work & life.


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The Formula itself:



If you’ve already made enough wealth on which you can live even if you don’t work then now it’s the time to think about maintaining a work-life balance!

Firstly let me tell you, Balance doesn’t mean keeping in touch with your best friends from college or spending an hour a night with your kids. Sure, it’s important but is not what we call a work-life balance.

Work-life balance for some may be spending 20 minutes of pleasurable reading before bed & for some chilling out with family.

In other words, it can be anything that turn on your fun button!

The sauce of Work-life balance and work-life integration which successful executives have that helps them to remain successful while still making time for their friends and family is-

“They never get too busy making a living that they forget to make a life”



Even when they have something really important to finish they don’t work like an ash! In their intense work phase too, they take breaks after every 90 minutes to stretch, breathe, walk, chat with your colleagues, or do anything that switches on their fun button & helps them refresh their minds. After that they again get back to work.

This way, they don’t feel that tired as they would if they worked constantly. You have to do the same!

You might be in a work cycle that consumes 80% of your waking hours for some instinct. But when that’s done give yourself a reward, a vacation time, during this time your work should drop to zero or very little while family, entertainment, friends or anything that excites you should rise up.


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First, no matter what-so-ever cycle you’re in, whether it’s work, family, faith, or something else, the best way to reap the complete out of it is by being fully present in it.

Don’t try to multitask. Be in the moment, fully focused, fully present. Live an engaged life.

When doing work, do work. While enjoying, enjoy!
Don’t brush off special time for yourself. Studies has shown that people who have fun in between work, tend to be more creative and productive!

They make better decisions, and get along better with their colleagues.




“Work To Live, Don’t Live To Work”







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