Although selfie culture has replaced the smiles with pouts & weird faces, ideally people were asked to say ‘Say Cheese’ before clicking their pictures. But does “Cheese!” really produce the best smile and why ‘cheese’ not something else?

Well, the practice actually has a logical reason. When you say “cheese,” the corners of your mouth turn up, your cheeks lift and your teeth show.

When you say ‘Cheese’ the ‘ch’ sound causes one to position the teeth in a way, that when the long ‘ee’ sound parts their lips, it forms something close to a smile. So, basically it’s an automatic smile!

” It’s simple. Just say “Cheese,” It’s an automatic smile. “- says  former Ambassador Joseph E. Davies, who is also the creator of this word. Nobody knows who coined this, but soon after, saying cheese became a common phrase for people to utter when trying to get people to smile in photographs.

Nowadays many other words are replacing ‘cheese’, many says saying “cheese” actually not great for a natural looking smile.

But hey you don’t have to worry about it. I can tell you a way better trick to look amazing in your photos. And the trick is:

Laugh and smile. Keep your tongue behind your teeth. Look slightly above the lens. Try l,i can tell you a way better trick to look amazing in your photos. And the trick is looking away from the camera and a few facial expressions.

Candid shots are engaging and more interesting than the traditional “say-cheese” forced smile, which can create a forced look and squinty eyes.

It’s your choice which method you want to use but personally i think the later one is more useful.



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