Occasionally, rubbing eyes briefly might help you feel better. A short “ocular massage” can help stimulate the secretion of tears, lubricating itchy, dry eyes, and removing irritants from your eyeballs.

Every parent has seen their kids rubbing their eyes or complaining that their “eyes hurt”. Your initial reaction might be that they either have allergies or have spent too much time in an over-chlorinated pool.

Both cases might be correct, but these symptoms may also be an indicator of a much larger vision problem.

Pressing down on the eyeball can also stimulate the vagus nerve, which will slow down your heart rate and relieve stress by triggering your oculocardiac reflex.

But for the most part, rubbing your eyes causes more harm than good. The temporary feeling of relief is vastly overshadowed by its negative side effects.



Many of us use to rub our eyes – sometimes vigorously – as soon as we wake up. However, the experts claim that this small habit can lead to dangerous health issues such as:






#1. Damaging the vision






#2. Skin irritation









#3. Tearing of cornea









#4. Dark circle under eyes




Our eyes naturally produce tears to flush out irritants. If your eyes are dry, try using eye drops to relieve the itch.

If you have consistently itchy eyes, there are also other eye drops available to prevent the itching that causes eye rubbing. Some drops are antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers.

In very severe cases, steroid eye drops are prescribed to prevent chronic eye rubbing, something is commonly seen in those who suffer from allergies.




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