Stop struggling making your point in your group because you don’t have to do it anymore! I am here to help you out with this really easy yet effective post with the help of which anyone can create his/her unique personality in the group.

Not too long containing a 20 to 30 points to follow, just 6 that’s it! So, are you ready to be that charmer in your group? If yes, let’s jump into it!



#1. Talk less


Just get the logic,’ The lesser you talk, the more your value will be’. My father use to tell me how talking less & avoid being always available can be really beneficial.

He told, the more time you spend in a group it will seem like you have no other works to do which can create your negative image in the group. Whereas being available only on occasions is really beneficial, it shows your time holds importance as you don’t provide them much!

But don’t take it the wrong way, don’t stop meeting your group for long. Meet them at your gang’s meeting time, it’s just that don’t meet them too often or be too socially engaged with them like chatting every few hours.



#2. Don’t show off


The best way to test whether people find anything interesting or not is by putting yourself in their position & then pitching your stuff to yourself! If you like it, Okay!

So, how will you feel if any of your friends show off? Bad of course! So, avoid doing it.

People who show-off in a group are nothing more than a walking brand, people hate them and the same will happen to you as well.

If you can’t afford brands then there’s not a problem. But if you can afford, you can use them the other way!

Wear them but don’t show off, let people notice it & ask you about it. This surely will create your unique personality in your group.


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#3. Learn daily


Come on, we all want to be with smart people maybe because we feel respected being by their side.

So if you too want to be that smart guy in your group & create your Unique personality, try to invest your free time reading self improvement books & listening useful stuffs.

Also it’s great because as per a saying, ‘The more knowledge you gain, the more wealth you attract’.

Now you know why your batch topper is always surrounded by a bunch of peoples. That’s the benefit of being wise!!




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#4. Laugh more


If you don’t know let me tell you laugh is contaminants. Even if you smile to strangers, there only a rare chance they will not smile back.

Smile has that charismatic aura with it! Imagine you tried to talk with 2 people, one talked with you with a smile & other showed anger! Whom you will want to talk again? Obviously the person with smile.

People who treat life as a fun always attract people because Being humans we all love to be around happy & fun people.

So, be a fun person to hang out with to create that Unique personality in your group!



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#5. Help others


It a trust winner! if you want to be a group leader, you will have to make people aware that you’re trust worth.

And how will you do that? Simple, by helping them come out of difficulties.

Trust is the only thing that makes people buy those expensive iPhone!

The point I wanna make is that once you genuinely help someone in their bad time, they will trust you & you’ll be a really important person for them.

So, don’t missout those opportunities!



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#6. Ignore nonsense


It can be a main factor or reason if people in your group treat you like nobody!

Maybe you talk a whole lot of nonsense stuff. As in the first point we talked about importance of speaking less, I can include this point too in it but the reason I made it a point because it really deserves it.

Nonsense talks are not jokes or fun thing but some no meaning things like gossiping about others, telling lies & cheating etc.

If you don’t do this, you’re fine! But if you have this habit, change it right away if you want to gain value & a unique personality in your group.


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