When i say habits of Extra-smart people, i don’t necessarily mean high IQ but how good they learn new things no matter how old or young they are.

So if you believe, for being successful you will have to be blessed by high IQ or intelligence then let me tell you, you’re wrong!

In fact one of the biggest wealth holders out there were just as average in knowledge as we are. They just know the key to equate success with a workaholic mindset.

Below are some habits that separates any smart person from a ordinary one. Check out whether you have these habits or not!



#1. Self talking



Self-talk, the way you communicate with your inner self can help you in multiple ways. Talking to yourself activates your sensory mechanism.

Self talk can both make you or break you, it’s that powerful!
Self-limiting statements like “I can’t handle this!” or “This is impossible!” will particularly damage your self confidence and will stop you from searching for solutions.

While, self-inducing statements like ” I can handle this!” or “This is possible!” will increase your self confidence & will help you search solutions even for the hardest conflicts.

By the way Extra-smart people posses the former self talk technique!


#2. Daydreaming




Many will tell you that mind wandering at work and home is bad but it is not as bad as you think, rather they can be beneficial!

Extra-smart people who can’t stop their minds from wandering are blessed with efficient brains. They may have too much brain capacity to stop their minds from wandering.

They are higher on intellectual and creative ability. Also had more efficient brain systems measured in the MRI machine.

So if you get lost over time doing some work, you may have higher efficiency i.e, more capacity to think!


#3. Book lovers




Extra-smart people looks reading as the door to a vivid imagination, expanded vocabulary and the ability to succeed.

This is the one habit Extra-smart people have in common? Any billionaire you can think of is a book lover!

Once asked by Warren Buffett – what’s the key to success, he pointed to a stack of nearby books and said, “Read 500 pages like this every day.

Now there’s one more thing, successful people don’t just read anything. They are highly selective about what they read, in other words they don’t read anything that has nothing to teach!
They believe that books are a gateway to learning and knowledge & that’s why they give so much of their precious time reading books.


#4. Self control




Whenever you face a urge to watch some trending videos on YouTube in between of your crucial work, are you able to resist your mind?

If yes, you got some self control over yourself!

What happens when we set a goal, we set expectations how our future self will behave in order to reach a long-term goal that is important to us.
Your present self explains to your future self that avoiding short-term temptations will result in a long-term benefit.

Unfortunately, the present self overages the future self by losing self control for a favorite thing your mind loves doing!

That’s why it’s so hard to achieve success & also why only 1% of the total human population have the 93% wealth while the rest 99% have just 7%.

Extra-smart people have the ability to resist their temporary urge of doing some non-sense instead of their crucial work & that’s the reason they achieve success.



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#5. Don’t talk much




Talking too much is overrated, people who do big stuff don’t even have the time to talk about it!

With a very precious gift, my friends: the gift of talking, the noise of useless words creates a thick fog that makes it really difficult to actually achieve something.

That’s what smart people know & believe in. They know once their work get accomplished, they don’t have to say anything, the success will say it all!
While talking and expressing your feelings is important, ‘doing’ is equally important. When you speak less, you do more, your focus switches from talking to doing. As simple as that!




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Are you thinking- “Am i a Extra-smart person”, you surely are because now you know the habits & if you implement them in your system you will surely achieve some great heights!


“At First They Will Ask Why You’re Doing It. Later They’ll Ask How You Did It”



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