Understanding the psychology behind love is next to universe in complexities, we know enough that psychologists can make predictions about love based on certain “rules” that more or less hold true.

Love is a feeling with which we all are aware and no one can spare with its effect. Love is one of the most rewarding gifts which we have received from nature.


Our body responds to love psychologically. If you are in love or been in love, you would know that love is one of the most rewarding and at the same time confusing emotions that can be experience as human beings.

Today, we will take a look at some psychological facts that helps us to understand the science love:


#1. A person hates you for 3 reasons


  1. They are jealous of  you
  2. They hate themselves
  3. They see you  as a threat






#2. As compared to woman, man suffer more pain when relationship ends




After a breakup, women tend to cry our eyes out, went to some friends, and then eventually get over it.

Men instead are taught from a young age that emotions are bad. If you feel anything, you keep it quiet. Men have this “fix-it” attitude. If the relationship fell apart, he thinks it’s all his fault, And it leads to more pain.






#3. Falling in love has similar effect as cocaine




Falling in love is very much similar to taking a dose of cocaine, as both experiences affect the brain similarly and trigger a similar sensation of euphoria.

So, if have have been in love with someone and never had cocaine then now you know how it feels.







#4. Holding hands of a loved one can actually reduce body pains


When you get a pleasant touch from your partner a dose of oxytocin is released in your body which works more effectively then your chemical pills.

It decreases pain significantly, and for some it even makes the pain go away completely after 4 hours. So, it’s definitely worth trying hug before jumping to chemicals and pills in pain.







#5. Sense of humor is above looks


A strong sense of humor is generally associated with intelligence and honesty.  This is why most women are attracted to men who possess a strong sense of humor. It’s a new saying that, “Looks doesn’t matter, Humor is the new charm”.







#6. Liking someone is a four minute game




It will only take up to 4 minutes to decide whether you like someone or not!

Getting and keeping someone’s attention and attraction is believed to have more to do with body language and tone and speed of your voice rather than things that you actually say. As such, if you want to make a good impression on someone, you have only got around 4 minutes to do so.



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