In this cruel world there are some situations where we tends to under-estimate ourselves which we should never do. In this article we will go through some of those things that we should strictly avoid doing. 

Avoiding these things will help you in many ways, it’ll improve your standard of living, change the way  you look at yourself & will thus give you that motivation to live your life to the best possible.

Okay, let’s go through it…



#1. Living in past


We all have a past filled with good & bad memories, it’s not that all memories are bad.

Thinking of good memories makes us feel good & thinking of makes us sad. There’s no good in thinking about bad memories, it will only demotivate you but on the other hand good memories makes you happy.

Thinking of how much you get embarrassed at that moment will not do anything good to you, it will just make you feel bad. Also you can’t change it, so why waste your time thinking of it. Its always better to have experiences in life, whether good or bad we learn from both. 

The only thing we should remember is, let go bad memories & remember good ones.




#2. Overthinking


Suppose you’re on your first date, how do you want to present yourself, of course you want  to rock the date! But do you think staying confused, hesitated, overthinking about what will happen the next moment will help you achieve that?

Definitely No! So, the solution to this is always stay calm. They are also normal beings so its obvious that they too will be nervous. In such condition, being nervous is not a good way instead be confident so that they feel comfortable with you.

Not only in this case but be confident in every situation of life. Look, ‘life is a great sport, just enjoy every game’ that’s what i believe, whatever you do, it will be perfectly normal, but overthinking about it will definitely make it look imperfect.

So, stop overthinking & start living carefree.


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#3. Being afraid to change


Think 5-6 yrs back which phone do you were using, at that time having a touchscreen phone is probably rare. But what about now? I think you will have a pair of it.

Today we rarely see those keypad phones with peoples. Why is it so? Because keypad cellphones remained unable to change with time.

Do you remember, a few years back Nokia was the biggest giant in the mobile market but was afraid to adapt with time. So, it leaded to its end.

So, as time don’t wait for anyone similarly, change also don’t waits for anyone. If you change with time you’ll not lose your value but if you are afraid of it you’ll be lost.



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#4. Thinking you’re not good enough


If you think you’re not good enough, then you’re disrespecting yourself. It depends on your thinking, if you think you can climb mount everest, you surely can. But if you think you can’t, you surely can’t.

Respect yourself! As you do that, people will give you the value you deserve, if not how can you think someone will respect you when you yourself don’t respect your body.

Believe you’re perfect & the devine forces have made you awesome in every aspect!!


#5. Trying to please everyone for attention


Do you struggle in a group to make your point but still people don’t give a damn? Chances are you’re doing something wrong!

There’s one simple logic, ‘The more you give your time to people, the less they’ll value you. And the less time you give, the more they’ll value you’.

When you spend way more time with people, they see you as if you don’t have any important stuffs to do.

And its a human psychology if someone’s not busy we don’t respect them whereas, people who don’t waste much time are tend to get more attention. This is because people mean their time’s value.

The same thing you should also try. Be less available & don’t talk non-sense. It’s the best way to increase your influence. So, avoid pleasing & be ready to get pleased!



#6. Beating yourself up over mistakes


It has been one of the biggest misconception over decades & also the main line that separates a rich person from poor.

Mistakes or failures can be seen in two ways, ones who look at it as obstacles will always see it as problems & can never grow in their life. Whereas ones who look at it as opportunities to improve, there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

Trust me there’s no one out there who has achieved success without failure, not one or two but many. Success not comes to those who makes mistakes but to those who learn from them. 

So, stop beating yourself on mistakes & appreciate that you made them.



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You have got this life to live for yourself not for others, so instead of  thinking about how people see you or how they treat you start living your life in such an awesome way that can make your friends, family happy & your enemy jealous because:

“At The End, We Can Only Regret Of Changes We Didn’t Made” 



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