According to a research peoples working in late night, shifts have a 20-30% increased chance of becoming overweight than normal shift workers. Rather, there’s a higher frequency of abdominal obesity in night shift workers. Obesity is also related to several adverse health outcomes, such as breast cancer and heart ailments.


Most people who work the night shift get less sleep in general because it is difficult to sleep more than five consecutive hours in the daytime, Bloxham said. Things like family or pets making noises, the doorbell ringing, and not being able to get the house dark enough can hinder sleep. To adjust to a shift, people shouldn’t consume caffeine at the end of their shift and they should try to take naps before they go to work, the health care experts say. Another thing that can help is exposing yourself to sunlight or bright light before a shift.


Have you ever worked the night shift? What was your experience?



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