Paleo Diet Rules, What To Avoid On Paleo Diet!

Learn the basics and some of the Paleo diet’s misconceptions. Find out what most people are doing wrong with the paleo diet and try not to make mistakes like that. Learn these simple paleo diet rules and follow the right path to quickly cut the fat!

Paleo Diet Rules-10 Food You Should Avoid On Paleo Diet:

#1. Junk Food

Paleolithic man was bent on survival, which leaves you feeling fat and gross for not much time to eat. Junk food is a quick snack designed to tempt your taste buds with chemicals created for that very purpose in laboratories.

These snacks are usually nutrition-free, contain mostly fried corn or potatoes in one form or another. They are heavily salted with the salt of industrial grade or are sweetened with ultra-sweet sweeteners.

#2. Fast Food

Nothing that comes from a fast food restaurant would be considered Paleo. In fact, Paleo’s opposite would be considered for how much engineering goes into every morsel they create. For the followers of Paleo, these burgers and fries slingers should be completely avoided.

#3. Sodas

Early man’s drink of choice is easy to understand: pure water. Soda, on the other hand, is often written off as empty carbs and often contain caffeine that is not a natural substance for humans and is a chemical that is not consumed in a Paleo way of life.

Sodas are often associated with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

#4. Dairy

Because it comes from animals, it looks like it’s on the approved list, but it’s not, at least if you want to be paleo-strict.

This is one item that causes some disagreement. But there’s simply no way early man has been in the habit of drinking milk or being able to make dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. You would renounce these things by the very definition of the diet as errors made by Neolithic man and strengthened by modern man.

#5. Grains

Paleo diets cut grains out, which is why they are often confused as diets free of grain or diets free of gluten. Grains are one of the largest levels of that pyramid, with meats forming the smallest sliver. Meaning the Paleo diet is going against much of what your brain has been pummeled with since you were a kid.

#6. Partially Hydrogenated Oils

The early man simply did not have the ability or resources to try and figure out how to make oil sit on the shelf without spoiling for months. But major food businesses today needed a way to do just that and invented partially hydrogenated oils to extend food shelf life.

This has led to the presence of trans fat in many commonly available foods. In response to public outcry about how unhealthy trans fats are, these companies were forced to come up with new ways to either hide the trans fat or newly created oils that don’t have trans fat but are likely just as bad for the body and soul.

#7. Legumes

This one is hard because legumes come from the earth so you would think it would be OK and get the green light. This rule puts the kibosh on such omnipresent foods as beans and peanut. And foods that are often considered as healthy as peas and lentils. It’s the phytic acid that’s nixed here and it’s the same reason that when you eat Paleo you won’t eat grains.

#8. Potatoes

They are such a basic food that it may be difficult to avoid this one. Wrapping your head around why you ca n’t have it is also difficult. Since it has grown in the ground, it would seem only natural that early man would have stumbled on some potatoes that grow wild.

#9. Artificial Ingredients

Over the past 100 years, many of the artificial ingredients commonly found in foods eaten daily by most Americans have been created, some more recently. Once you go down the rabbit hole on artificial ingredients, just how much stuff that does not contain natural ingredients is consumed will blow you away.

#10. Processed Foods

Sometimes a blurry line is how much food has been processed. If you buy it in a box, or if it’s not going to spoil, it’s likely processed. The exception is canned food, which wouldn’t be Paleo technically because they weren’t able to eat their food back then.

This is one of the Paleo Diet’s hardest aspects to keep in mind as processed food accounts for a large majority of the food you find in the supermarket or grocery store. Ideally, you would want to avoid such big food stores and buy your meats from a butcher, and your fruits and vegetables from a farmer’s market.

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