Though we don’t give much importance to our shoes but the fact is they really holds some great importance!

As per a survey, it comes under the few first things a stranger notices about you. The type of shoes you wear describes your personality.

And beside being your style statement, they also has a long history filled with some really awesome stuffs to tell!

So, here are 12 most weirdest but really true facts about shoes you need to know right away!



#1. High heels were first worn by men! And the first high heel made for ladies was for Queen Victoria in 1840.





#2. It’s illegal to fall asleep with your shoes on in North Dakota! Hard to believe but true.




#3. The best time to try out your new footwear is at the end of the day. As after a long day your feet are swollen to their most so you get a better fit!




#4. It is believed bad to throw your old shoes until you have a new one!




#5. The most expensive shoes ever sold was for about $30,00,000 by House of Harry Winston. It has 4600 rubies of 1350 carats!




#6. Heels were actually added to shoes to lift foot up from the burning sand in hot weather. And now it’s a fashion statement!




#7. In Japan it’s compulsory to leave your footwear out before you enter house. So, beware of it!





#8. Sneakers were first called keds! They were then later dubbed sneakers because they were much quieter than those heavy-heeled shoes. The official English equivalent to sneakers is actually ‘plimsolls’.




#9. Before 19th century, both pair of shoes were identical! It was distinguished into left & right in 19th century in Philadelphia.




#10. The boots Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in are still floating around in space. If you get it, you can earn a lot of money!!




#11. The reason Sandals were made was in order to keep the feet protected & the top of foot cool! This was an essential for people in warm climate where they wanted a kind of footwear that can both keep their feet protect & top of feet cool.




#12. The first shoe was built about 4000 years back! It was soft & worn by mountain people lived on the border of Iran.





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