No matter what the occasion is, gifting is an excellent way to show that you wish the receiver well. There are some objects that when gifted, bring immense positive results. But there are also things that should never be given as new year gifts as they bring negativity and bad luck. 

Despite our good intentions, a gift can become a burden for the recipient if they don’t need it. Focus on giving experiences instead of stuff. And if the experience isn’t too pricy, maybe you can come along too. 

According to old befiefs, one should never give these items as New Year gifts:

#1. Shoes:

Gifting shoes represents evil. As per beliefs you should never give someone a pair of shoes as a gift as this will make the recipient walk away from you.

#2. Clocks:

It indicates that the person is running out of time. Timepieces measure the passage of time and this indirectly suggests a limited lifespan, which is very inauspicious.

#3. Sharp Objects:

You might have seen fancy knifes or swords in gift shops. But never make the mistake of buying these. As gifting them to your near and dear ones  could cut off your relationship.

#4. Handkerchiefs:

These thing bring negativity and often cause a rift between the giver and receiver. It’s also a symbol of saying Goodbye.

#5. Mirrors:

Easily broken & breaking things is considered bad omen. Superstition has it that if the glassware is broken it means the relationship is also destroyed.

Gifts can enhance connections between people. A truly bad gift, though, can ruin a relationship, with emotional impact. The best way to decide what to gift someone is by thinking from his/her point of view, put yourself in there place and find out what they really want. You could even ask other people you know what their pro tips are. Make it a fun way, if your friend loves chips, give him a whole box of it and see what happens…

Wish you all a happy new year in advance, wish you get the best gift you deserve…

Thanks for reading…

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