We are been told every now & then about the benefits of eating the right diet, but are never told about what not to be done after having a meal. The reason why most suffer from digestion problem even when they’re having a good diet is due to this bad after eating habits.

I use to write a lot of article about do & don’ts with your meal & the reason i write about them is because they’re immensely important which many of us neglects. Your body is the biggest asset of your life, so why not invest in it as much as possible.

So, today we will go through some of the most important after meal don’ts which you should definitely avoid.






#1. Avoid taking bath



Taking bath soon after a meal can lead to indigestion. Bath will increase blood flow to your hands, legs, and body, which then decreases the amount of blood flow to your stomach. And without a proper blood supply you can’t think of digesting your food properly.

Stomach does its work by releasing all sort of digestive juices. But without proper supply of blood juices stay in stomach for a long time which may lead to stomach pain & ulcers.








#2. Don’t loose your belt



If you’re in a habit of eating food with your belt on, eat only in limit. Don’t fill your stomach full, because when you loose a fully filled stomach soon after having a meal food can move down to the intestine in rush.

This can causes the intestines to twist or block. It’s also a main cause of concern for hernia.









#3. Avoid drinking tea



It’s the worst thing you can do after having a meal. Why is it so? Well, the tannic acid present in the tea binds with protein and iron in our food, preventing our bodies from getting the benefits of digesting them.

It leads to an 85% decrease in iron absorption! This Low iron can trigger anemia, a deficiency of red blood cells in the blood.

I think that’s enough to convince you why not to drink tea soon after a meal.


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#4. Don’t go for a walk immediately



Have you ever experienced a type of discomfort in the chest region when you immediately go out for a walk after a meal? This can occur due to the pressure applied by your food filled stomach on your lungs & chest area.

Many do this because they believe walking right after mealtime can be an effective weight-loss strategy. But you don’t have to work out immediately after meals to lose weight. It don’t holds truth in most of the cases.











#5. Avoid taking fruits



Ya sure, eating fruits is good for health but it too has some conditions. Fruits will not be digested properly after having a heavy meal. Fruits demands different enzymes to digest, and the sugars in fruit need time to be absorbed completely by the body.

So, when you eat fruits after a meal, it remains in the stomach for an extended period and rots in the gut. This can cause indigestion, heartburn, & other discomforts.








#6. Don’t move to bed immediately



I think you may already know it. But do you know why it’s essential?

In rested state the body’s bowel movement gets disturbed due too which more time is taken to digest even that small amount of food.

This then causes discomfort, acidity, bloating, and odd sleeping patterns. Also, the acid fluids present in the stomach can enter your food pipes due to gravity and can burn them.


Are you good dealing with these 6 points, if yes great, if not please try to implement it in your life step by step. Applying it, you’ll see all your body related problems will go magically disappear within a short time.



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