Leaving the bed out at once in morning is a kind of war with ourselves. We all face it, some wins, some lose. If you are among the people who need an extra 5-10 minutes of cuddling after you wake up then this article is definitely for you my friend.

Morning is the most important part of our whole day. If you get it right you can end up with an awesome day, but if you get it wrong it can be disappointing.

Maybe the points you find below is what you already know, but its about implementation, there’s no benefit of scrolling article one-by-one on google if you won’t apply it. As it is said, “Knowledge without implementation is worthless”.

Sure you can get a  ton of knowledge upon what to do every morning but it makes no sense if you don’t apply it in real life.

Here are top 4 things you can avoid in morning for your good!




#1. Don’t drink coffee

Do you really think your body need something to be active? Well, your body naturally produces a hormone that regulates energy.

Now this doesn’t mean that coffee is of no use. It definitely is useful if you want to stay awake or energized when you have something important to do. But for a regular morning i don’t think it worth taking it.



#2. Never hit the snooze button

I personally relate sleep with self control, if a person can’t control his/her own sleep then i think there’s nothing he/she can control. You should be a person of your word, if at night you decide to wake up at 6 o’clock, do it.

It’s the first decision of your day, don’t ruin it hitting that snooze button.


#3. Don’t leave bed unmade

Studies show people who make their bed after waking up tend to be more productive. When you wake up making your bed, remember the first thing of the day you done is a positive thing.

It makes your mind remind you have done something right, you feel positive & this positivity remains throughout the day.


#4. Don’t check e-mail or social media

Nobody is going to take your phone away, so don’t rush to your phone as soon as you wake up. Go for some exercises, meditation, a brisk walk or anything that can help you for good.

As i said earlier, starting off the day will some positive energy can bag you a great day. So, don’t miss out on it.

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It’s always the right time to improve. No matter what your age is or how busy you are, if you really want this change you will automatically follow it.

One last thing, if you’re thinking to follow it from next week or something like that, trust me you never gonna do it. Tomorrow never comes, you live in today, so whatever you want in your life- Do it right here, right now!!

“If It’s Necessary You Will Do It Anyway, If Not There’s No Way To Do It”

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