Do you have sparse brow hair, are suffering from eyebrow hair loss or just want to get thicker, fuller brows? Trust me you can grow your eyebrows rapidly quite easily!

Keep reading till the end to find out some of the best & fastest ways you can use to grow your eyebrows rapidly in no time. And that too naturally!





#1. Massage



As you may know, massaging stimulates hair follicles which can help to grow hair fast. The fact behind this is, massaging improve blood flow to the hair follicles. It means more growth-promoting nutrients reach them.

Just make sure your hands are clean & massage your lash line in gentle, circular motions. You can massage normally or can use certain oils which we’ll discuss in our next few points to promote hair growth faster.





#2. Aloe Vera



Aloe Vera are popularly used by many cultures as one of the top home remedies for hair growth and other hair related issues.

Just look at any hair care products such as hair cream, shampoo, conditioner and so on, they all consist of Aloe Vera as one of the main ingredients. That’s the power Aloe Vera has in promoting hair growth.

It contains more than 20 minerals and vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E that are essential for hair growth. Plus, Aloe Vera also acts as a great source of moisturizer for the scalp and hair follicles.





#3. Coconut oil



From making eyebrows healthier to growing them rapidly, coconut oil is a saviour for those suffering from any brow hair issues! Do you know, coconut oil was found to be the only one capable of greatly reducing the amount of protein loss from hair.
Coconut oil also locks onto the weaker parts of hair and strengthens the area, decreasing the chances of breakage. Simply put a small amount of coconut oil in your palm & with the help of your fingers apply it to help grow your eyebrows rapidly.





#4. Onion juice



Onion contains high levels of sulfur. Sulfur is a vital building block for keratin which gives our hair and nails strength and helps them grow.

So, applying onion juice to your eyebrows to result in strong, flexible hair!

Massage alone causes increased blood flow to the scalp which stimulates hair growth. Applying the juice twice daily for two months will leave you amazed by the growth it provides!





#5. Brushing them



This is true! Our body produce sebum, or oil, to keep the scalp and hair moisturized. By brushing hair with a boar-bristle brush, ensure that natural oils are distributed along your strands.

Furthermore, brushing your hair stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which helps bring more nutrients to follicles to promote hair growth.

Okay, so these were the 5 tricks I personally use & trust me they does works amazingly. Hope this help you too! If you have any more ideas related to it feel free to share.







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