Sure, it’s generally a time of experimentation, parties, and freedom, but as anyone who’s been there recently can tell you, it’s also hugely stressful.

 Once you’re in your 30’s or 40’s, it gets harder and harder to reinvent yourself. So, it’s the best time to experience new things & here are a few challenges you must try out at least once in your 20’s.









#1. Don’t be afraid to take up an opportunity








#2. Don’t waste your time doing a job you hate








#3. Write down the list of things that are non-negotiable for you to be happy








#4. Know that it’s okay if you embarrass yourself








#5. Don’t take yourself too seriously








#6. Choose your friends wisely










#7. Don’t rush




Liam Hemsworth films running scenes of "Paranoia" in alleyway in Philadelphia, PA







#8. Don’t hesitate to ask the person you like for a date







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