If you are a computer buddy and has to spend more time online, here are  few shortcuts which may help you out saving your time and increase your efficiency…

#1. Chrome: 


  1. Ctrl+T: To open new tab
  2. Ctrl+Shift+T: To reopen last closed tab
  3. Ctrl+R: To refresh page

#2. Gmail:


  1. Ctrl+Shift+C: To add Cc recipients
  2. Ctrl+Shift+B: To add Bcc recipients
  3. Tab+Enter: To send message
  4. D: To open compose window
  5. Ctrl+K: To add hyperlink
  6. Shift+J: To mark as read
  7. Shift+U: To mark as unread

#3. Excel:


  1. Shift+Space: To select entire row
  2. Ctrl+Space: To select column

Hope this tricks worth helpful  to you.

Share what tricks do you have in the comment box which may help other peoples…

Thanks for reading…

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