In gym you might see someone doing wrong workout and thinking how stupid he/she is?but the situation can have an opposite view too, you may also be wrong and the reason behind it is we have greater access to information, but it isn’t always accurate.

This is true even if you’ve been following conventional exercise recommendations, many of which are now outdated.

And even though there’s a vast amount of information available to teach you how to best exercise, not all of it is accurate. There are many fitness myths out there.

The reason myths get started, is that we all react to exercise a little differently. So what’s true for one person may not be true for another.

In this sense you sometimes have to find your own ‘exercise truths’ – the things that are true for you.

Below i have flashed light on some of the most popular fitness myths, check them out:



MYTH: Crunches results in flat abs


FACT: For a long time it is considered as the best fat-burning exercise out there, but even core-building planks and bridges will burn fat far more effectively than crunches.

 Since they don’t burn off a lot of calories, they don’t help in a major way with fat loss. Crunches may provide some toning to your abs, but you’ll get “flat” abs only by burning off fat.


MYTH: Yoga may burn a lot of calories


FACT: One study by the American Council on Exercise found that a 50-minute power yoga session burns only 237 calories, compared to 500-600 during a 50-minute spinning class. There are, however, still many reasons to give yoga a try, as research shows it has a positive effect on mental health, sleep problems, hormone levels, flexibility, pain relief, core strength, and more.  If calorie burning is what you’re after, most yoga classes may not be the best choice. 


MYTH: The more you sweat, the more you burn

FACT: Sweat is a biological response that cools your skin & regulates body temperature. Any type of intense exercise will prompt you to sweat, but the amount of sweat isn’t an indication of how many calories you’ve burned. That doesn’t mean you necessarily torched any more calories than usual.


MYTH: More gym time is better




FACT: “Your body needs to recover, especially after a tough session.”

If you work out every single day, you could injure yourself or overtrain, which keeps your muscles from rebounding and your body from improving. That’s true even if you’re just a casual gym-goer.

So be sure to take regular breaks, whether it’s every other day (if you’re a beginner) or once a week (for the advanced).




MYTH: Deep squats are bad for your knees



FACT: This won’t hurt you so long as you maintain proper technique. There’s not a lot of evidence that links squats and knee pain. When squatting, you should keep the weight light enough so you can work through a full range of motion.

The best squat is one in which you can sit your butt to your heels without weight. The best way to do it is to go all the way down until their you touch your heels. Work towards getting back to that deep squat, then squat deeply with moderate weight.



MYTH: Running on the treadmill is just like running outside


FACT: Now, i know many will say it’s no difference running on a treadmill or running outside. Besides, it’s easier to monitor your speed and chart your progress on the treadmill. Isn’t it.

Wrong! The major difference between the two is that on the treadmill you are stationary and the belt is moving, while outside, the ground is stationary and you are moving. Treadmill running causes you to push straight up with each stride, whereas running outside requires you to push up and forward.


If you have a training coach he/she might gives you advice, and sure enough you hear the same thing from several other parents.

So you figure it must be true. But experts say that in the world of fitness, myths and half-truths abound – and some of them may be keeping you and your family from getting the best and safest workout.



” The Time Is Always Right To Do The Right Thing “

If you want to know more fitness myths you must read the book Muscle Myths once. It covers 50 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making.

It also explains what’s scientifically true and what’s false—when it comes to building muscle and getting ripped.






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