You may not believe but the Most Nutritious Foods are common “everyday” foods. These include the fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, lean meats, fish, olive oil, herbs and spices that are familiar to most people.

Everyone wants to be healthy, so making changes in the diet is the best thing to maintain perfect health, but most people aren’t giving their bodies what they really need.

Of all the foods we consume in a day, only some are healthy & by rationing nutrients-enriched foods in our diet we can achieve perfect health. So, take your hands out of that chips packet and try out these few foods in order to guarantee, you’re getting the proper balance of nutrition your body needs to work at its best.

Although there are many foods that are exceptionally nutritious, but many of them are not readily available in different parts of the world. So, here i have made a list of most nutritious foods that anyone can find in their nearby market:



#1. Salmon


Salmon, and other fatty types of fish, contain the greatest amount of Omega-3s. Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely important for the optimal function of your body.

They’re linked to improved well-being and a lower risk of many serious diseases. Studies show that the people who eat fatty fish regularly have a lower risk of heart disease, dementia, depression and a plethora of common diseases.

So, it is a good idea to eat fatty fish at least once or twice a week, to get all the Omega-3s that your body (and brain) desperately need.


#2. Kale


Kale is being called “the new beef”, “the queen of greens” and “a nutritional powerhouse”.

 This is very helpful for your immune system, your metabolism and your hydration. Kale is filled with fiber and sulfur, both great for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy. 

One cup of kale has only 36 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 0 grams of fat. It is great for aiding in digestion and elimination with its great fiber content.


#3. Garlic


Garlic is an amazing healing food and definitely gives you plenty of bang for your nutrition buck. It is a popular ingredient in cooking due to its strong smell and delicious taste.

 Garlic is particularly high in certain sulfur compounds that are believed to be responsible for its scent and taste, as well as its very positive effects on human health. 

High blood pressure is one of the biggest contributors to cardiovascular disease. Garlic seems to have double the heart protecting benefits by bringing down blood pressure levels.


#4. Egg white


A single egg provides more than six grams of protein, or 13 percent of the recommended Daily Value (DV). Of which, Egg whites contain more than half (four of the six grams) of an egg’s protein. 

Egg whites are a low-calorie food, with just 17 calories — opposed to 71 per whole egg.

They contain no saturated fat or cholesterol, making them a popular choice for those watching their cholesterol levels or suffering from diabetes or heart disease. Egg whites do not contain carbohydrates or sugar.


#5. Seaweed


Eating seaweed benefits your health, because the marine vegetables provide a rich source of essential nutrients.

 Seaweed provides a source of vitamin K, a fat-soluble nutrient. Vitamin K communicates with platelets, the type of cells that form blood clots.

When you develop an injury, vitamin K helps send a chemical signal that tells your platelets to aggregate and form a blood clot, so that your body can stop the flow of blood from your wound.


#6. Blueberry


Blueberries are among the most nutrient dense berries. A 1 cup serving (148 grams) of blueberries contains:

  • Fiber: 4 grams.
  • Vitamin C: 24% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin K: 36% of the RDA.
  • Manganese: 25% of the RDA.
  • Then it contains small amounts of various other nutrients.

They are also about 85% water, and an entire cup contains only 84 calories, with 15 grams of carbohydrates.


#7. Carrot


The list is definitely incomplete without this. Carrots are one of the highest contributors of vitamin A — the powerhouse vitamin for so much of our body.

Carrots also provide ample amounts of vitamins C, D, E and K, as well as many minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. Carrots are also highly nutritious and cleansing due to their high fiber content.


#8. Yogurt


Yogurt is a popular dairy product that’s made by the bacterial fermentation of milk. It’s known for containing a lot of calcium, a mineral necessary for healthy teeth and bones.

Just one cup provides 49% of your daily calcium needs. One cup also provides 38% of your daily need for phosphorus, 12% for magnesium and 18% for potassium.

These minerals are essential for several biological processes, such as regulating blood pressure, metabolism and bone health.

Of course, there are many other nutritious foods other than those included on this list that you may feel are wonderful, health-promoting foods; whole foods – such as fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, whole grains, etc – that you like.

Because your food is not in the list doesn’t mean that it don’t provide nutrition, here i have listed only the best nutrition food as among the thousands of different foods our world provides, all contains some nutrition but listing them all is not possible.



When You Feel Hungry. Your Body Needs Nutrition, Not Calories “



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