Water is something we can’t imagine our day without. But it’s not always good to have it!

Yes, like any other thing, it too has certain limitations in being too good for our health. There are times when drinking this wonder liquid can serve bad to your health.

In this article we’ll find out the time while you should avoid having water, why & what is the right time! So, let’s peep into this-




The most dangerous time



Do a glass of water always companies you in your meal? As per studies, drinking water during meal is the most common time people enjoy having water, but it’s by the way the most dangerous time to have it.

I don’t know from where we’ve attained this habit of downing umpteen glasses of it along with our meals, maybe with the intention of washing down the food and hoping that this aids the digestive process. However, if you think this to be true, you’re wrong!

It severely hampers digestion by diluting the essential gastric juices and causes an upsurge in insulin levels. The issue here is three-fold: consuming water before meals, consuming water alongside meals, and consuming water after meals.




The damage



Our stomachs have a knack of knowing when you will eat and starts releasing digestive juices immediately!

If you start drinking water at the same time, what you are actually doing is diluting the digestive juices being released to digest your food, thereby hindering them from breaking down food.

Also having water alongside meals tampers the natural absorption of nutrients after digestion. “Some people who drink it alongside meals have also shown a tendency to have an expanded colon.




The best time




If you consume water before the meals, you are not only disturbing the fluid component by diluting what you eat, you are also fastening the digestion process as the food now enters the large intestine much sooner than it should. Hence it is not advisable to have it just before your meal.

Drinking water right after your meals is also not great, you are again tampering the natural time it takes for your food to digest. This also makes you feel hungrier faster than anticipated and results in overeating and bloating. So, what’s the right time for it?

A 30 minute window both before and after your meals is the perfect time. In these 30 minutes, your system proceeds to the next stage of digestion.

This 30 minute gap is essential in your body absorpting essential nutrients & proper functioning of digestive juices.





While it is important to keep yourself hydrated and consume at least 8 ounces of water every day, you must also ensure you follow the right time to gulp down this wonder liquid.

You can have it anytime expect 30 minute before & after your meal! Doing this will benefit you in multiple ways such as maintaining a healthy weight, better immunity, healthy skin & an overall well-being of body.




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