You can have mind-hacking tricks… sounds interesting nah!

Don’t believe me, consider how magicians and illusionists entertain their audience by fooling their audience’s perception thereby making it seem like the impossible is happening. You just need to know some tricks to get control over anyone’s mind.

How you present yourself, the words that you use, and the way you address situations can either make or break your conservation.

Taking a moment to think about what you’re saying and doing can completely change the way you present your opinion.

Below listed point can definitely help you control peoples. Hacks that can give you an advantage in situations — just make sure to use your powers for good and not evil. Just kidding you’re not a superhero i am giving power to, use it your own way:



#1. In an argument, try being calmer than them

It may seem impossible to win an argument against an irrational person, but believe me you can.

 By following this technique, they will be more agitated and would say something inappropriate. You then get a point to tell them how wrong they were when they said that to you.






#2. If you want to make someone believe a false story, repeat it three times separately

The first time they won’t believe and will question you, but then repeat the same thing later with a couple of details thrown in and the third time you mention it, they will remember it happening.






#3. If you nod your head when they are talking, they would do the same when you start making a point

Human nature is such that if you do a favor to someone they get connected to you and you can now expect a favor from them. So, when you agree to what they are saying, asking a question makes the other person more likely to agree with you too.


#4. Give them a choice

If you want to get someone to do something give them a choice to do it!

For example, “If a mother ask her son if he wants milk, he’ll say no, but asking him if he wants milk in yellow cup or a green cup can make a great difference and he’ll choose a color and drink his milk! Magic!”


#6. This is how you should negotiate

While negotiating, remain silent. For instance, while negotiating, quote a figure and remain calm.

Counter-attack any argument or interject whenever a person pauses may feel like you have the upper-hand but it’s not true, the more a person talks, the more he/she runs the risk of disclosing too much information, giving clues on his/her strategy and making mistakes. So, now you know how to get it done.




You don’t have to be Jedi to read minds, mind hacking tricks are really just creative ways of using psychology to your advantage. They’re all about getting people to do what you want without realizing it. Brain tricks might seem like common sense, but remember, common sense isn’t always common.




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