As per a research, the e-waste volume will rise by 500 percent! Mostly are supplied from countries like India, USA, Indonesia and China!
Used electronics that forms majority of the e-waste can be reused by recycling, salvage, resale and disposal.

And as you may know, wherever there is a huge volume of resource, chances of making a business and minting money out of it becomes an obvious thing.
From over 500 cities in India, there takes place several mega recycling programs. They includes collection and processing of around 900 metric tonnes of electronic waste per month.
The bandwidth to make money here is huge. Also, not to forget that we’re talking about a single nation only!




What are E-wastes?




E-wastes includes every single waste part of electrical appliances you can think of. Electronic waste includes the discarded parts of: televisions, computers, mobile phones, printers etc.
All these electronic products are made of parts that can be recycled and used again with certain degree of efficiency and durability. With so much to dig into, running a business in e-waste is all the more feasible.




The eligibility part



It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in, you would need the approval of the local government and the regulatory boards.
You have to apply for certain certifications and other policy/ conventions. Because of governing manufacturing, supply, recycling and exporting of electronic goods.

Countries like USA, UK, Ghana, Mexico, Canada, India and Nigeria are called e-waste recycle friendly countries. Hunt down a locality that will fit into your business plan & you’re good to go.







If you have plans for a large scale e-waste recycling business, you’ll have to focus on the training and development segment as well.
Extracting and handling e-wastes is not easy. It needs specializations! E-waste collection and dismantling can be done by automated tools, but the extraction of precious metals will definitely feature manual intervention.

Therefore, proper training programs & support education is necessary!

You might also need to include a team of chemical engineers, metallurgists and electronics engineers to derive the best price out of every sample.









A certain part is covered by local scrap collectors and domestic users. Suppliers of e-waste remain an informal sector. Means you may have to deal with lot of price variation, depending on the source.

But if you want to catch a big fish in this business you’ll need to establish a client management and vendor relationship. Certain management with leading scrap dealers and electronic goods manufacturers to dig some real business.

When you start outsourcing giants and manufacturers supply nearly 60 percent of the overall e-waste goods then only you’ll grab a huge profit.





Keeping all this thing’s in mind you are all good to start an independent e-waste business without much troubles. This eco-friendly activity could help you reap money.

Choosing this as a business will benefit you as well as the people & environment.





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