I have one question for you, Do you invest your money, save it or spend it in buying valuables?

Whatever your answer is, it don’t matter at all. Because you are reading this, and from now you will be on the right path to that massive wealth you deserve!

After going through this article you will get access to the qualities that separates a intelligent investor & a great wealth manager from any normal person!

So without talking about its benefits much let just jump in.



#1. Have complete clarity of goals first


Look, no matter how many paycheck you get, it will be of no use until you put it on the right thing which is your ultimate goal!

I see many peoples who spend their paycheck enjoying & being bankrupted in the last days of the month. This people are like ships in sea roaming here & there without any destination.

Mark my words, you can’t grow big in life until you have a goal you wanna achieve desperately!

Don’t set it too big, just something achievable. For example, ‘I pledge to save & invest my salary from this month to be able to gather $30,000 to buy my dream car by the end of this year!’.

This really works, you will definitely see your goal accomplished if you want to achieve it genuinely.





#2. First invest then eat



Don’t just jump on to the restaurants or buy something expensive for your loved ones soon after you get your salary, instead be a investor! Go for some investments.

Invest in some stocks or real estate, this will make your money work for you!

Take it this way, invest half of your salary investing in different things ( not on one as in that case if you got unlucky you can lose your money at once) & use rest half for living & enjoyment.

A few months after you start doing it, you will start to notice that you’re now generating passive income, one that rich people makes.

You will see a drastic improvement in your lifestyle wealth wise!



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#3. Separate your expenses



Make a list of things that is uselessly eating up your salary & expel them!

Now make a list of every necessary thing you need every month & fix a certain amount of money you will spend in each of them every month.

Fix the money that you can stick to, not less or more.

Now, it’s time to make the asset chart, make a chart with a list of things you want to invest in every month. Fix a amount of money to each of them which you’ll invest on them every month.

Try doing it for a few months you will surely notice that you are being able to manage money quite easily. Also you are saving money on it & getting returns from the assets as well!



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#4. Never buy anything you can’t afford



It will be the biggest mistake you can do if you don’t have a strong base of wealth!

I don’t know why people foolishly buy things they can’t afford just to show off & pay for it their entire life.

What do you think those millionaires out there can’t buy those expensive bungalows or cars! They are just not buying it because they know it’s just a waste of money.

Ya they have a few great cars & houses but then look at their wealth too.

Sure you too have the right to have them & you will surely own it but only when you have a strong base of wealth.

So, in your beginning stage of becoming rich avoid buying this stuffs as they will be the biggest conflicts you have to avoid for a period of time to be rich.



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#5. Pick the right investment



Don’t just invest in anything without any proper knowledge. You have to be good investor to make money out of it!

For example, if you are investing in stock, don’t just buy any of them!

First do a detailed study what the company is about, is there any market for the product it sells, how much return it has given in past few years, debts & other annual report portfolio before investing. That’s how a intelligent investor invests!

And the same goes with everything in which you’re interested to invest in!

So, the moral is don’t just depend on luck, be a intelligent investor!!





#6. Health insurance



Maybe you say, ‘ What, I can’t waste my money buying some ridiculous health insurance ‘. But the truth is it really worth it!

Look, not me, you or anybody else know what’s gonna happen the next moment, so why not be ready for it!

Instead of wasting a ton of money at once in any medical issue why not just pay a small amount of money every month so that when you have to face a bad time, you don’t have to spend money.

In long run it will save your money in a great way & also you don’t have to worry about your health!








Applying these few tips in your life, you too can become an intelligent investor & a great wealth manager!!

If you follow these few tips even for a month you will definitely notice some improvement in your financial state.


“Never Depend On A Single Source Of Income. Make Investment To Create Many Of Them”


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