What, haven’t got a change to hold any girl’s hand in the evening walking those lonely streets or get to date your crush?

Well, you’re not from Jupiter, there are many like you too! And I promise if you follow just 6 things you can approach any girl you want, yes anyone!

These 6 things are what I find most important that can put you down in front of your girl. Try improve yourself if you have any of these flaws & be a charmer…




#1. You’re not presentable



Do you have multiple personality, do you behave differently in crowd rather than what you are at your home?

If yes, then my friend you’re missing out on putting your best version in crowd. Look, there’s no shyness in body, it’s on our minds!

Being yourself will be the best thing you can do to be guy whom every girl wanna date!

Because they don’t fake who they are, girls love them. They like the way they don’t care about others opinions, because they have their own!







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#2. You’re nervous king


This is such a normal problem which I think every 8/10 guys face talking to their crush, asking them out for a date is a way far thing.

And i can also say, its the easiest thing you can deal with!

Okay, are you ready for this? Here we go, you just have to develop a real great self esteem.

When you decide to see yourself perfect, guess what everybody around you also feels the same about you!

I have a complete article on how to develop a massive self esteem, check it out below,


6 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence




#3. Lack humor


Come on guys, being human we love being around peoples who are fun to hangout with.

Don’t be a boring guy asking just ‘how are you’ & then ‘how are the studies going’. This way you can never get yourself a date!

Instead be funny around girls, they love sticking around guys who can make them laugh.

If you lack humor skills, start watching comedy shows, start seeing things at a fun point of view. Try talking with friends in a humorous way.
Doing these even for week, you’ll surely notice an improvement in your humor.




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#4. Have bad hygiene


Yellow eyes, dark circles, cracked lips, bad teeth, pimples & most importantly smell are some of the biggest things on which woman decides whether you’re having a good hygiene or not.

Now, don’t take it in the negative way because with that you get a great advantage!

You just have to be good with these few that and you’re seemed immediately attractive to girls.

So what are you waiting for! Correct any of these flaws you have & get your dream date!







#5. You have all signs of desperation


Male are mobile & female are stationary, means male are dominant who takes the first move & female are a bit calmer than man.

Okay, so does that mean keep taking steps to approach her for a date is good? No, rather it can ruin your image in front of her!

Do you know, as per a research girls wanna date guys with a calmer nature more than anyone who is dying to get a date.

So don’t be a despo, rather tease her giving some killer compliment & be unavailable in the other moment.

Trust me you’ll make a unique image upon her, because a girl can forget anything but not someone who had complimented her!!







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#6. Your dressing sense is out dated


Maybe you think, you’re the hottest one in the room but the truth can be far from reality!

So how to know whether you’re good with your dressing sense or not?

Simple, just ask your friends, not any friends but your BFFs. Otherwise talks don’t take long to spread like fire, you know what i mean.

Just ask your best friends whether they think you can improve something in your clothing!

And why only clothing, ask for any thing that they don’t like in you, this can be a great way to develop a die for personality with which you can date any girl.





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No matter how many points you find on which you need improvement! The thing is now you know your flaws & on what you have to work on!

Just begin improving yourself & you will soon notice your dream personality coming true.


“Decide What You Wanna Be, And Just Win It”


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Thanks for reading…



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