How can you explain a financially independent person? From my side, these are the kind of person who don’t has to go through those price tags, they just buy what they want.

They don’t have any financial issues & spends their time traveling, experiencing new experiences. Isn’t that cool! Don’t you wanna be one of them?

Everyone wants but the fact is being financially independent takes efforts, hardships. And the most importantly it’s hard to be rich & so most are not!

But don’t worry, it’s not that hard that you can’t achieve it! Below are the only 7 principles you have to follow to be financially independent.



#1. Start hanging out with the people you admire


‘If you want to fly high with kites, you have to leave the hens’, heard of it earlier then why not apply it! Applying it will help you provide an appropriate environment to feel & be financially independent.

A person’s net worth is the average of the 5 closest person they spend most of their time with. It’s on you what you choose, chilling with peoples with no goal or making millions with others financially independent entrepreneurs!

Sure, being in a fun group is cool but only for a few years, after that fun changes to conflicts of life. No matter if you don’t find anyone worth staying with in your circle, you can still make billionaires your besties by reading their books & podcasts.





#2. Set your goals higher


As i told you in my earlier posts, your subconscious mind is so powerful that it can accomplish anything you can desire. The thing is you should have full confidence that you can achieve  that!

The only thing your subconscious mind don’t able to distinguish between is what’s right & wrong.

If you keep telling yourself ‘you’re poor’ then guess what you will be, but if you say ‘i will be rich one day’ you definitely will! Because that’s what you told your subconscious mind to do.

Do you think affirmations are just for fun, they exist because they works. So, make some good ones for yourself.

You can affirm them every night before sleep as it’s the best time for affirmations. This will give your subconscious mind a clear notice that you wanna be financially independent!




#3. Invest in yourself


You yourself are the biggest asset of your life so don’t be too cheap in investing it. It goes like this,’The more knowledge you have, the more money you’ll attract’.

Do you think those financially independent billionaires out there have been able to be there so easily? Warren buffet, who is 3rd richest man on the planet is of 87 still reads 500 pages daily, Bill gates also does it!

These people know the importance of knowledge & that’s why they are at the top.






#4. Have positive mindset


What you think, it grows! If in the morning you been to your college cafe to have the burger, you buy it & after coming across some meters, it falls!

In this condition, if you blame yourself that ‘the day is unlucky for me’ then it surely will be because that’s what you have decided for you.

The moral is deal with every situation calmly & never end a sentence negatively. Don’t say, i can’t do it, ask yourself how can you do it. This is what will make you an achiever & you’ll be able to become financially independent!





#5. Save to invest, not to save


Okay, understanding this is really important to be financially independent! Because this is what a rich knows but a poor or middle class don’t.

The thing is rich knows the asset-liabilities game! Assets are things you can invest in that can attract more money for you. In this money works for you. Examples- Stocks, Bonds, Real estate.

Whereas Liabilities are things you can invest in that don’t give a single penny back. Examples- House, Car or anything that don’t help you generate money.

The mentality of poor & middle class is, once they get paycheck they eat, buy houses & if some money is left they think of saving it! Whereas rich until satisfied that they have made enough assets to live life financially independent don’t buy liabilities.

First they invest in assets & then buy liabilities by the money that comes from it!



Avoid These Things To Be On The Smart Way To Becoming Rich!



#6. Have patience


Have you been with peoples who won a big lottery, got a lot of money, but after some time regained their initial state of wealth! Well, i have been through some of them & the reason they fail to stay rich is because they don’t have that patience to be rich.

When a person get rich by his/her own efforts, they knows it’s value & attain that patience require to be financially independent.

But if a large amount of money is given to someone for free of which he/she hasn’t done any efforts will invest it in fun things as they don’t know it’s value!

So, the conclusion is avoid shortcuts & have patience. No one has been rich overnight & one who has soon got back to their initial state of wealth.




Becoming rich takes time & efforts. If you’re ready to give it, there’s nothing that can stop you getting rich & becoming financially independent!!

“Dreams Come True Only When You Work To Make Them Happen”


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