We all do many non-sense things over & over everyday without even being aware of why we do them! But the fact is these non-sense habits really holds some reasons why we do them.

There are a ton of them but below i have listed top 10 weirdest human habits & why we do them. Go through & check whether you have these habits or not?




#1. Smelling books


Whether old or new, we all love to smell them. isn’t it? But why this habit so pleasing?

The smell of old book is because of breakdown of compounds present in the paper. And that of new book depends on the chemicals used to make them in varying quantity. But in both the cases, they stimulates happy hormone in our body just like petrol or kerosene does!




#2. Feeling uncomfortable when T.V. volume is set to odd


From school we all are told about even, odd & the reason we feel uncomfortable when we set the volume to odd because we had been told that even numbers are complete & odds are incomplete ( it’s half way even). Even can be paired in equal halves but odds can’t.

It’s a human psychology that we feel satisfaction in making things paired or complete. So, we are more prone to set volume to even!


#3. Leg fidgeting

They will usually appear when you’re stressed, hesitated or if it’s a habit then more often. The logic behind this habit is fidgeting sends a sense of relaxation to the mind. That’s why you see a lot of them doing it.

Things like fidget spinners & stress ball are not there just for fun! They have a role in reducing stress. So, next time when you see someone fidgeting, chances are they are hesitated.



#4. Holding breathe when someone sneezes


I too admit to have this habit when someone in the room sneezes! And it’s essential because if a person is having a cold then it will not take much time to transfer from them to you if you don’t hold your breathe.

If it’s a normal sneeze you can avoid holding your breathe, But i suggest to always hold it as you can’t know who has viral & who’s not!


#5. Nose picking


What can i say of it, it’s the most common habit we all may have done when we were children. The reason it’s so common is because it’s a pretty fun thing to do.

It may sound dirty but as kids we love nose picking & there’s no logic behind this human habit. But some studies suggest that it’s good for our health as ingesting it works like a medicine. But still it’s dirty!



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#6. Licking fingers after eating chips


Yes, you paid the money for it  & want to enjoy every bit of it. Licking the spices on the finger at the end is way more tasty nah. The logic behind this habit is it gives that satisfactory feeling of accomplishing our taste for it.

There’s no harm doing it so it’s okay!  Take full advantage.



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#7. Biting lower lip in stress


It’s just like biting nails, you may have seen peoples doing it when they’re tensed. It’s a natural response from the body & a way of showing aggression & stress.



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#8. Listening to music in shower


It’s a self-love act! As you may know, music gives immense pleasure to mind if it’s something that’s your favorite. And combining it with a good habit that is a bath gives great results in the aspect of happiness.

That’s the reason when you came out of shower listening to your favorite song you get a whole new level of energy. So, you can use this as a hack, whenever you feel stressed go for it & see the magic.




#9. Producing music with stuffs


Same what i said before, imagine when you have any exam in which you get stressed, you usually fidget that pen or produce music by hitting it on bench.

It’s a combination of both fidgeting which reduces stress & music which takes it to advance level.


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#10. Yawning


When you talk anything interesting or are busy in something important, it don’t occur. But if you’re sitting for a while without talking, you get a lot of them. The logic behind this habit is when you talk to people or keep your mind working oxygen is properly pumped to the brain.

But when you sit closing your mouth for a while with a blank mind, your brain sends a signal of oxygen necessity & thus you get yawning.

The other interesting fact about it is that it is communicable i.e, if you yawn in a public place you’ll notice people also doing it by the act you does it. Try it out & see whether they yawn or not!




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