There may be one position that’s your favorite to sleep, everyone has it. But if you sometime face some cramps in body after a sudden wake-up. It could be a alert to correct your wrong sleeping positions.

We spend 1/3rd of our life on bed & in that condition sleeping with a wrong posture can lead to different type of body problems earlier than your body deserves. With a right sleeping posture you can have a great sleep every night. Also it gives immense body benefits.

Sleeping on your back with your hands at your sides is considered to be the best sleeping position. In this your spine stays in natural alignment for whole night. No extra pressure are being added to the back, which leads to a strong back.

The benefits related to it are:

#1. Helps improve the overall posture of body

Sleeping one-sided or on your stomach can make your posture look bad. Imagine for 6-8 hour you have your back curved, it’s really bad for your spine.

While sleeping on your back makes your entire back resting and elevated. It maintains a straight body posture.

#2. Prevents facial wrinkles

When you sleep with your face pressed with pillow, it leads to fine lines & wrinkles much earlier that it should be.

The blood vessels beneath the skin get blocked which leads to less supply of blood to the face. Sleeping with your face up prevents it because nothing is pushing against your face.

#3. Reduces acid re-flux

During the day, gravity helps to keep the esophagus clear of food & digestive fluids. But when you lie down, you lose the assistance of gravity, and acid can easily flow back into the esophagus.

It’s even worst if you sleep one-sided because in that condition your esophagus is curved which stimulates e-flux of digestive juice & food.

Here are some natural tips to avoid acidity, take a look if you want to.

#4. Cures insomnia

Insomnia is a condition in which people face difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

Maybe a sleeping position can’t completely cure it but it can help you make it a little easy to deal with it. When you sleep in a fully relaxed position you end up with a great sleep.

Here i have a great service to offer you to deal with insomnia.

#5. Reduces chances of headaches

Bad sleeping position could bring those annoying morning headaches on. Wrong posture can cut off circulation and put pressure around your nerves which disrupts blood flow which leads to headache.

Sleeping on your back let your head remain in the best position it could be thus avoids headache.


Last words:

For a good sleep a good posture is necessary but for a great sleep you must have a good mattress & pillow so don’t forget about it.



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