Just like it’s attractive blue color, it got some really attractive health benefits too!

Maybe you love them because of their sweetness but it just not serve you that taste, along with that it give you that power with which you can fight some deadly diseases.

From having anti-inflammatory phytonutrients to ingredients that can fight cancer, it got it all.

So, that was just a introduction. Let’s now peep into what health benefits these small berries from a shrub can provide you!






#1. Healthy heart


With the growing rate of heart disease in the world, today 1 out of 4 death occurs due to heart disease. In this case, today it’s a necessity that everyone should take care of their heart’s health.

And in that blueberries can be your friend! Eating just three or more servings of blueberries per week can reduce risk of heart disease by as much as one-third.

The reason it’s effective against heart diseases is because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammation in your artery walls can increase the risk of a heart attack, and the anti-inflammatory property don’t let it happen.





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#2. Healthy skin



Pimples, wrinkles, aging it deals with all!

With a ton of antioxidants it will help you protect your collagen & will leave your skin younger looking with a improved tone.

As they affects your circulatory system keeping capillaries and blood vessels flexible, blood reaches to your skin properly. And when you have an adequate blood flow through your face, there’s rarely a chance of pimples.

Also, it keeps your skin healthy preventing it from early aging.





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#3. Improved vision



Yes, they covers this too! The reason they are suggested by doctors for night blindness patients is because it helps the eye to adapt to the changes of light. And consuming them for a month or few has shown some results in lowering night blindness issue.

Also if you’re dealing with vision problem, it can help you out. Vitamin E in blueberries may help stop the formation of cataracts, or clouding of the eye lens. Thus, reducing your chance of getting blurred vision.

Also, if you don’t have any eye issue, you can have it to avoid them further. It will maintain a great eye health to protect it from any sort of vision damage in future.




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#4. Healthy bowel



No matter how aged you are, it will work great in maintaining a good digestion for everyone!

Research shows that blueberry fiber are really awesome for our digestive system. They can alleviate and protect us against intestinal inflammations, such as ulcerative colitis.
Blueberries are abundant in polyphenols, it have antimicrobial and anti-oxidative effect which reduces inflammation-inducing bacteria & at the same time increases number of health-promoting lactobacilla.

So, ya if you face any sort of digestion problem try them out, you’ll be glad you did!





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#5. Is an Anti-depressant



This feature comes in wild blueberries. They contain flavonoids which boosts mood and help prevent depression!

The element anthocyanins which is responsible for its deep blue color also elevate mood by reducing tension.

This are not just random facts, many studies have been done on blueberries to find whether they are beneficial for our brains or not. And every time there was the positive effects of flavonoids on brain health, suggesting improvements in attention, memory and preventing age-related mental decline.




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#6. Is a Perfect meal



Blueberries are low in calories, but high in nutrients!

It contains 4 gm of fibre, 24%, 36%, 25% of Vitamin C, K & manganese respectively. A complete bowl of blueberries has just 84 calories! And that makes it one of the most healthiest stuff to eat.

So here’s the benefit, you can eat as much of them as you want to without ingesting much calories. But at the same time absorbing multiple vitamins & other essential stuffs for your body.

So next time when you’re facing the evening snacks craving but at the same time don’t wanna gain much calories, this can be a great thing to have.





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