You can’t force your romantic future, but you can tame it, get to know it better, get ahead of it and better adjust your reactions, using this information to force fate’s hand!


This month is going to test your patience and your ability to pace yourself. Things are going to get pretty heated: Make sure that you can stand by your actions. How you do what you do and why you do it is a reflection of you and no one else. Act in ways that reflect your integrity, not your situation, my love.


So, let’s checkout what you got this November:


There will be silly arguments and mild tiffs with your partner, you better avoid this silly fights.


If single, see through things. For the ones who are committed, this month is all about finesse and repairing what was left damaged in your relationship.


You are definitely ready to mingle and Scorpio, Pisces and Taureans make the best match for you this month.


November is not really the ‘finding love’ month for the Leos, however, there will be much happening on the social front.


Scorpio and Capricorn make a great match. Deep and meaningful spiritual connection is possible now. Those in a relationship. just tone down that EGO and see the month of November unfolding its magic.


If you are single, see beyond looks and personality, it will serve you in the long run. Those in a relationship, need to tone down their financial issues, you must discuss it with dignity and respect, you are communicating with another human being.


Well this is one amazing month for all the love you have to pour on your better half. If it is not happening perhaps you need to change the way you think, rather than waiting for the other person to initiate, you could be the one beginning anew.


Those already in a relationship will make the most of this month and will do all that they have been craving to do with their other half for the longest of time.


Singles, could find a home in Scorpions or Pisceans. Those in a relationship this is a wonderful month, with Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and the New Moon all transiting your hopes and wishes zone. All your wishes will come true with your partner and things will lead to a new beginning.


Those of who are in a relationship and are away from them due to love obligations, make sure you do not leave them hanging and craving for attention from you. All in all this is a great month, all you need to do is to keep a check on yourself and how you are treating your partner.


For the singles, Scorpio is the best match for you in this month. Taureans and Virginians make a good match too. For those in a relationship, this could be just the month you have been waiting for the love and binding to grow.

 Keep confidence, be yourself and just go with the flow. You will definitely end up with an amazing relationship. Hope the post was helpful…

“Love Is Not Something You Find. Love Is Something That Finds You”

What’s your zodiac sign, tell us?

Thanks for reading…

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