It may be the time to think twice about reaching for those toes, is it a great idea or is stretching actually bad for you? Let’s find out…








We stretch for many reasons: Because it’s part of our pre-workout routine because it feels good. Stretch does the opposite of what it’s promoted for.

But most of what we know about it is based on wishful thinking and outdated science. In fact, stretching itself can damage muscle fibers—you’re just tearing them by stretching them instead of by contracting them.

Most of the studies that tested that if you jump after a stretch, you won’t be able to jump as high as if you did the jump test without it first.

If done carefully the key features of stretching is to get the blood flowing, literally warm up your muscle tissue, and get your cells to ramp up their calorie-burning machinery.







A stretch before a workout will make your limbs looser & better prepared for exercise. But multiple studies have indicated that a stretched muscle tends to become less strong than an un-stretched one, especially if you hold the stretch for more than 45 seconds.

One study found that subjects who engaged in weightlifting after stretching lifted 8.3% less weight, in addition to feeling less balanced.






Yet, there is a paradox: people who stretch on daily basis will end up stronger than people who don’t.

The truth behind this is they’re decreasing their strength temporarily, but building it in the long term. But why?

Probably because of the muscle damage we discussed earlier. If weightlifting and stretching can both cause muscle damage, they should both cause the muscles to repair themselves stronger than they started.







Everything, if used in the correct way, can be a great thing if used in the wrong way can be a destructive one. So, it holds the same for stretching, if done right it’s good if done wrong it’s bad.

The right way is if you indulge in static stretching than you should stop doing it instead dynamic stretching and warming up are for everyone in order to increase blood flow to muscles also it’s the new and right way of stretching. Some of the dynamic stretches are:




  • 1) Lunge with a Twist


  • 2) Knee to Chest


  • 3) High Kicks


  • 4) Hip Stretch With A Twist

5) T-Push-Ups




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