Well, I know it’s summer on the head & you don’t wanna go out in this crisp hot climate. But you can’t deny the fact that deficiency of Vitamin D can serve many harmful diseases too!

And so in order to find out the right time at which you can get the most of  Vitamin D i have done a research on it to help you out find the best time for it.



Casual Intro:

Unlike most vitamins, vitamin D is the only one which actually functions as a hormone, and every single cell in your body has a receptor for it.

And that’s the fact behind why we just get a support from sun for obtaining Vitamin D as our body is the one who makes it, sun only acts as a promoter.

The recommended daily intake of it is around 400-800 IU, but experts say you should get even more than that.

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When To Go For It:

Okay, that was a brief intro telling some facts about Vitamin D. Let’s just now peep into the right timing & the amount of time you should spend in sun for fulfilling your body’s Vitamin D necessity!

Here it comes, the best time to soak in sun is between 11 am -1 pm!

But why not at any other interval? Since the wavelength of ultraviolet B (UVB) rays is 290-320nm during this period which firstly don’t leaves much harm on our skin & secondly is the best time to gain the necessary promoter for your body to make vitamin D.

So, does that mean you can go out in that harsh sun without any sunscreen?

Well, yes in seasons like winter or autumn but no in summers because during this Mr. Sun is too harsh & can leave damage on your skin. But this don’t mean you have to spend the complete 3 hour to fulfill your Vitamin D necessity. Don’t ever dare to do that!

The necessary timing you have to give in sun is listed below…

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The Right Amount Of Time:

10 to 15 minutes of sunlight exposure at least 2 or 3 times a week is enough to fulfill every Vitamin D necessity in your body.

Some Dietary Improvement For VitaminD:

Lastly, I want to suggest some really essential food to gain the other required component by which your body can combine it with sunlight to make Vitamin D.

Foods that provide it include salmon, sardines, cod liver oil, goat’s milk, shiitake mushrooms and eggs!

Being a fat-soluble vitamin, healthy fat such as that available in nuts, seeds (such as sunflower, flax seed) and seed oils, pure ghee, milkolives, enhance the absorption of vitamin D.”

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So, now that you know how to get the most of Vitamin D for your body, don’t miss out on taking its full advantage.

Don’t try too hard, with just the right lifestyle changes and dietary alterations, you can surely achieve a normal level of it in your body in no time.




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