Childhood without magic, life with no meaning/passion, people with no feelings not even for themselves, relationships with no love and so on will result without a INSPIRATIONAL LIFE.

True success comes with the pure heart, the heart which carries Love and peace for all and hatred for none.

Success is not just about wealth only. It is about being a better person! There will be twists in life which will break you but patience is the key and one should never give up for a good cause.

There should be no reason that we do a little in our hearts to give something better to the rest of the world. Successful life comes with a combination of hard work for a better cause which helps the society as it is not associated with an individual.

Below are some inspirational quotes on life, may they help you stay motivated & high on life!




“Never Regret A Day In Your Life. Good Days Give You Happiness & Bad Days Gives You Experience”




“You Must Have A Theme, A Goal, A Purpose in our lives. If You Don’t Know Where You’re Aiming, You Don’t Have A Goal”






“Only You Can Change Your Life, No one Can Do It For You”




“Your Mind Is A Powerful Weapon. When You Fill It With Positive Thoughts, Your Life Begins To Change”






“Life Is Not About Waiting For The Storm To Pass But Learning To Dance In The Rain”




“Everyday Is A New Beginning, Take A Deep Breath, Smile & Start Again!”




“Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving”





“Running Away From Your Problems Is A Race You’ll Never Win”




“Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself. It Is About Creating Yourself”







These were 9 Inspirational Quotes On Life which I personally love! Hope you liked them, feel free to share some of your favorite quotes in the comment box below.




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