Do you believe words have power? Well, they really does, much greater than you think!

Below are the 8 most important words which if you get right, there’s nothing you can’t control in your life!

Go through & learn the wisdom to live a life people will praise!





#1. Never Say This Letter




A moderate amount of self-confidence is related to leader effectiveness. But when this becomes overconfidence, it leads people to be arrogant and prone to move to the darker side.

Do you think yourself of too self-confident, too nice, or too smart?

If yes, is it your confidence or overconfidence. Look, no one can ever be “too-anything”, we all have flaws & we learn from mistakes that’s how we become more mature!

The word ‘I’ shows singularity, sure you should use it but only at time. Suppose if you’re having a group chat too much of ‘I’ can ruin your image, people will look at you as a over confident person.

So, avoid using this overconfidence indicator too often!





#2. Always Mention These 2 Letters



The word ‘We’ have the energy and power to help, to heal & also is a sign of unity!

The word can work wonders in strengthening your relation with others.

Once you tell a person ‘we are going to do this work together’ rather than ‘you have to do it alone’, you’ll see the difference how just a single word can put a whole different image to others!

The other benefit of ‘We’ is you’ll never be taken for granted! People tends to be around persons who maintains unity & the word is a unity statement.

So, don’t be afraid to use this unity magnet!




#3. Never Allow These 3 Letters Near You




If you have this word in your system, you’ll have to deal hard to be happy. It doesn’t want you to be happy after all.

Ego also related to self-image and self-esteem is a major conflict in relations. Ego problems in relationship are to be blamed for the breakdown of all and can be a real spoiler.

The only way to get this word out of your system is by avoid taking things personally!

This will definitely help you have a better grip on your emotions and in that way you will let your ego melt.

So, kick off this word for a better life!



Harvard On How To Live A Happy Life!



#4. Fill Your Life With These 4 Words




Simply the desire to be with people whom you are in love with because you enjoy their company and all the sizzle that goes with it is real power of love!

The problem with most of us is, we love people but never let them know of it. We feel shy or awkward to express our love even to our parents.

I know the group of feelings associated with this word “love” is difficult to understand, and way more difficult to express to other person.

But once you let this word spread it’s magic you’ll get immense affection & attention!

You even don’t have to say ‘i love you’ to anyone if your action speaks it all.

So, incorporate this word in your soul & let the affection spread!


6 Easy Signs That A Person Is Trying To Love You!




#5. These Letters Should Always Be With You


Suppose you been to a grocery store & there the manager meet you with a tensed face without a sign of smile, you’ll definitely see the manager as a unapproachable angry person.

Whereas if in same situation the manager at the first sight itself smiled at you, you’ll definitely smile back & look him as a friendly approachable person!

That’s how a smile can turn the whole scenario. Smile itself is a sign of greatness & you’ll definitely be seen as a fun guy if you carry it walking down the street.

And the best part is, it’s free! You just have to stress a few muscles to gain attention & be seen as a charming personality.

So, don’t forget to take advantage of this charmer bomb!


Smells That Will Give You Instant Happiness!



#6. 6 Letters You Should Use More Often



Ya we were taugh, saying “Thanks” is simply the polite thing to do. But recent research suggests that saying “Thanks” contributes way beyond good manners.

It serves to build and maintain social relationships!
Being appreciated is one of the things that really motivates us, both at work and in life, so why not offer up a genuine thanks to someone when it’s appropriate.
This word is not just something that makes people happy. It’s a feeling of gratitude that really gets people to do something or to become more pro-social.

So, be fond of this gratitude bullet!






#7. Make These Seven Letters Your Habit




How often do you find yourself recalling a past or current unpleasant experience and a chain of emotions like anger or thoughts of revenge on others?

Okay, keep that aside, what the person will feel if you rain your anger on them? They will definitely not be happy but if you forgive them for their sins, they’ll always be grateful to you.
Forgiveness is free, and it will bring you freedom like you have never known. You just have to hold the courage to forgive someone which not everyone can. And I know you have that!

So, remember to forgive people not because they deserve it, but because you deserve peace!







#8. Never Let These 8 Letters Come In Your Way



In schools between students, between teachers and pupils, amongst staff, we all have experienced jealousy at some stage in our lives!
Jealousy has been erroneously understood as simply wanting a bigger car, a better house, a prettier face or anything that others have.

But in reality, jealousy is not about mere possessions or superficial attributes but about the choices we have made and the quality of light that we emanate as a result.
Jealousy is one of the most destructive forces on Earth, attacking both the one wielding it and the one receiving it. So what you can do to get rid of it?

Simple, rather than being jealous of people about their opinions, we have an opportunity to appreciate their choices and them for showing us the another way.

So, remember to not let Jealousy fool you. It’s just a other name for insecurity!




“Words Are Free. It’s How You Use Them That May Cost You”


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