Suppose you are in a party & you meet 2 guys, One is a bad boy & other is a gentleman,who would you choose as your boyfriend?

Yes, bad boys are cool & gentleman is boring, but the truth is a gentleman will never ditch you while the bad boy will only be with you for fun.

When you’re young you want a boy who can entertain you, one with whom you can go out & make your friends jealous of his looks, but for a living i don’t think you need a boy, it should definitely be a man. You probably don’t want a guy who doesn’t think about the future.

It’s really good to be with a guy who knows how to enjoy life to the limits, but it’s more important to find a guy who is emotionally and financially mature. These men have rare qualities and know the true value of love, A True Gentleman.

Sadly, a gentleman is not appreciated in today’s society. He is not ashamed of opening the door for you, kissing your hand, respecting your boundaries, bringing you flowers & walking you to the doorstep. 

I want to tell every women reading this, if you find these qualities in a guy, never leave him.





#1. Living life with honesty & integrity

Honesty has always been hard to find. The person of integrity is different. He is a person who fulfill his words, follow through each commitments, and tell the truth, even if it costs him values.

He watch the way he carried himself, always showing humility, decency and a willingness to help others. He praises integrity & knows it’s value.

#2. He’s always cool even under pressure

He always turn a negative situation into a positive one, he thinks that whatever is happening is happening for his well being.

He is always strong & confident of himself. No matter how angry and pissed off you are at him, this guy can always make you smile.


#3. He’s a good role model for others

He has confidence in who he is, what he does and how he treats people. And that’s why people see him as a role model. 

Through his perceived personal qualities, behaviors, or achievements, he inspires others. He is often admired by the people who emulate him. He is a alpha male.

#4. He gives you importance & listen to your words

He thinks you are beautiful just the way you are. He will never make you feel like you need to change yourself for him. He accepts all you are. There can be parts of you he loves and not quite as much.

But he will never ask you to change who you truly are, he’s just purely in love with you. He knew all your favorite color, food, music because he hears you seriously. He loves to know about you more.


#5. Men with a Go-Getter attitude

He is not a go-getter person by birth, but he is a kind of breed who actually goes out there and puts himself into a position to get knowledge, experience, and resources to help him get ahead in life.

He knows how to take care of his loved ones by providing them everything they deserve.

If by chance you find a guy who always have your back, no matter what the situations are, never let him go. It’s easy to find people to laugh and party with, but it’s really hard to find someone who will be by your side when times get hard. 

“Be With Someone Who Knows What They Have, When They Have You”

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