An inviting smile or a courteous head nod could go a long way in allowing people to know that you are available and open to communicating & being their future friend.

You’ll be surprised to know that how many people are open to having you join one of their weekend activities, so if you’re feeling lonely or sad that there’s no way I can make friends then think twice.

Below are some easy tricks with the help of which you can make ton of friends even if you aren’t really good at it.





#1. Join social groups to meet new friends




You’re not going to meet anyone if you aren’t willing to try new things. If you want to meet new people & potential best friends, you’ll need to engage in new experiences.

Finding people who are interested in what you’re is a great start at finding new friends.





#2. Start conversations



Strike up conversation with people whenever & wherever you can. You can’t expect people want to be your friends of you aren’t willing to put yourself out there.

You never know, you could find your new best friend in line at the grocery store.





#3. Make them feel good about themselves



If you’re able to lift up their spirits & support them, they’ll like be grateful to you & your friendship. This can allow them to feel connected with you.

The part of being a good friend is acting as a cheerer. You have the power to make others feel good about themselves, and this is something you should take on to your friend.





#4. Spend time together




Its nearly impossible to imagine of a relationship with someone you don’t even meet often! You can make people feel like they aren’t worth your time by not meeting them.

Or you can share some quality time with them by which they’ll see that you think they’re worth the effort.




#5. Act interested




Its just how better you can relate to them & their stories! People are self-obsessed, they like talking about themselves. And that’s a pretty good thing, just let them talk & be interested in what they say.

You can also show interest in them by asking questions that get them talking. Questions about themselves that will help you find out all you can about your potential friend.





#6. Be available




Make sure you’re there for the people around you & spend time with them when you can. A person isn’t going to jump to be your best friend if you don’t seem willing to put work in friendship.

Showing that you’re truly interested in their happiness & well-being will make them see that you are a true friend.





#7. Be the kind of person you wanna be best friends with!




This doesn’t mean you have to play fake, just try to incorporate some of the things into how you act.

If there’s a certain personality or trait that you think is attractive when you’re looking for friends, then take on that trait!



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#8. Avoid negative self-talk




People don’t want to be with someone who always talks about themselves whether it be positive or negative.

As much as it can be funny to make yourself the subject of a good joke, don’t take self-deprecating talk too far.





#9. Exude confidence



Simply walk with your back straight, shoulders back, & head held high. Look people in their eyes & smile while talking to them.

The key to effective & attractive self-confidence is to not come off as cocky or self-centered. Don’t act like you’re better than others by not speaking or ignoring them.


6 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence



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