Though most headaches are short-lived and rarely a cause for concern. But being able to recognize which kind of headache a person is experiencing can inform how best to treat it.
There are more than 10 types of headaches. This article will help you determine your type, just follow the steps:





Step 1: Determine the point of origin of headache



Is it coming from the temples or at the base of your head near your neck? If so, this may be tension headache.





Step 2: Consider the current stress level



Stressful events can cause tension headaches!



Step 3: Moniter any other symptoms




Vomiting and queasiness are common signs of tension headache.




Step 4: If you find it’s a tension headache do this-



Treat tension Headaches with Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen.





Step 5: Remember how the headache symptoms appeared



Headaches that begins with a dull ache but become progressively worse may be migraine headaches.




Step 6: Evaluate the origin of your pain



Throbbing pain on one side of the head is often a migraine. The sides of your temples & back of the neck may also be affected.





Step 7: Estimate how much of your daily life is affected by the headache



Migraine suffers often discontinue normal activities untill migraine headache symptoms disappear.



Step 8: Think back to your feelings just prior to the headache’s appearance




Did you see flashing lights, tunnel vision or blind spots? These symptoms often appear just prior to an aural migraine. Affected people may also experience tingling sensations or lapsed memory.




Step 9: Eliminate foods such as nuts, aged cheese & alcohol



Elimination diet helps determine migraine causes. Weight control & regular sleep can also help reduce the chance of contracting regular migraine headaches.




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