Having your heart broken means being human. Heartbreaks are horrible but — like death and taxes — they’re inevitable. As common as they are, not everyone knows how to handle them in a healthy way.

Studies show that a break-up is like withdrawing from cocaine!  It also is like being in great physical pain.  Importantly, unconscious brain systems are working at evaluating the situation and starting to build a “new you.”


My experience has taught me some profound lessons on how to properly deal with them which i want to share with you all. The secret to getting over a Heartbreak lies within you.

Once you can accept what happened, and prepare to take care of yourself and your emotions, you’ll be able to move on and grow past it.

Though there isn’t any magical antidote for breakups, pressing sensation of grief, but these simple steps will make it all a bit easier to swallow:


#1. Cry all you want


Cry. Be sad. Feel the pain. Get the tears out of your system, as soon as possible. You don’t need those repressed feelings to erupt later in the future. 

Crying can actually be therapeutic when you’re upset. It can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and anger. So go ahead, grab some tissues and wail your heart out if it helps.



#2. Control the rush of emotions


Overcome the rush of emotions & channelize them into something constructive.  Don’t pretend you’re fine.

Denying or minimizing your emotions — like telling yourself “I’m really fine” or “It’s no big deal” — will actually make them worse in the long run. You have to process how you’re feeling so you can move past it. 



#3. Know that it’s okay to fall out of love


Everything happens for a good reason. No relationship is a waste of time. If something didn’t bring you what you wanted, at least it taught you something you don’t want in a relationship.

Most of the time, you won’t see its goodness right away, but down the road, you will. When you do, you will appreciate the reason why it was taken away.


#4. Break-up parties

barfly regular neighborhood bar social health benefits

It works out to be a good healer. It refreshes your mind and gets you back to normal. Meeting friends again dissolves the pain of break-up and helps you move on.



#5. Share your feeling


Share your grief with someone you love & trust. Complain, cry again, feel sorry for yourself, be angry, be sad, be whoever and whatever you want. Your friends will try to console you and be there to listen.

 Reaching out to friends and loved ones will help you cope with these feelings and remind you that you have plenty of love in your life.



#6. Stop dating just to take revenge


When we’re hurt, it can be a natural human response to want to hurt back. But does it actually make you feel any better to hurt a person who’s hurt you, or are there healthier ways to respond?

Sure there is. Become such a great person that if your ex meets you ever in your life he/she feel regret what they did to you. It’s the best revenge you can take.








Recovering from a breakup takes time, love, and patience. Surround yourself with those who love and care for you, unconditionally.

Don’t allow this breakup to continue hurting you by hardening your heart and closing off to new love. Get out there. Meet with friends. Live. Laugh. Love. Be happy.

Learn to be happy just being yourself, by yourself. And when you’re ready, begin to date new people.




“Sometimes The Fall Kills You. And Sometimes, When You Fall, You Fly”





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