Okay, for years you may be setting those bunch of alarms in order to wake up early, but did you succeed or just leave them on snooze!

You know all successful people get going wakes 2-3 hours prior to work, but how they do it, do they have some sort of formula or something!

You know all the benefits of waking up early. You made plans to wake up early. But that discipline was gone in the morning.

In this article we will go through why you just can’t help waking up early & effective ways to deal with it. You will learn what is the thing that makes waking up early so easy for successful people but so difficult for you.



The toughest part!




The toughest part of the morning is simply getting out of bed. An alarm beside you is an old trick.

Do you know, if you can’t resist your mind to get out of bed within 5 sec, there’s no chance you’re getting out of it!

What’s the trick to do that then?

Well, to keep themselves from falling back asleep in the morning brain-fog, successful people put their alarm at a distance away from the bed.

What happens is, as the alarm rings they had to get out of the bed to shut it off & once you leave the bed your brain becomes enough conscious to resist the mind from going back to bed.

You can do the same & i know this will work because this worked for me too!




How they keep their brains alert?



Listening to podcasts, reading books, writing everyday, do these things sounds boring?

Well, its the secret to the alert brains of successful peoples! Have you thought why they wake early, what they do after waking up.

They wake up to do all these things listed above,

  • They listen to podcasts related to self improvement.
  • Read about people who were great great teachers.
  • Remind themselves about the important things they have to do that day by writing it down.




Doing all this, there brains remains consciously present in the moment most of the time & thus they keep their brain alert!



Sleeping well is important?



Although you should wake up early doesn’t mean you have to go hard on your body, your body needs a 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep! Why?

Because during the period when you’re lost in dreams, your body goes under self-repairment state. Your brain look for any problems in your body & get them solved.

It also revitalizes your energy & leaves you with a fresh mind.

Successful people don’t miss-out in providing there body a great sleep because they know how important it is to work effectively & way more consciously the next day!

You can pay attention to your diet and exercise. General physical fitness which greatly impacts your sleep habits and energy levels.

It will boost your urge to sleep at night & will also keep you fit at the same time.



3 Strong Signs Your Body Is Not Getting The Right Diet!


And lastly, stick to your sleep time!



Just like you feel the hunger at the exact same time everyday at lunch, your body should feel sleepy at a specific time.

The time is on you, at what time you wanna go for bed but make a fixed timing for going to bed for sure!

This one is a main reason why successful person don’t have to put much efforts to wake up early at the same time everyday. Their body are adapted to the time, so everyday their brain gets back to consciousness at a specific time.

When you have a regular wake & sleep time, your body actually begins the process of waking up long before your alarm sounds.

So, go set a sleep routine for yourself, something that’s realistic & you can stick too!




One last tip



Never ever try to wake up a few hours early the next day of beginning your wake up early mission. That way you’re never gonna get up early.

This is a difficult task for your body which it will surely resist. Whereas as anything like, waking up 15 min. early the next day not sounds like a difficult task to do for your brain.

This is a task you brain will believe can be done. There are a way more probabilities that you can wake up 15 min early the next day than 2 hours.

Thus, go as reducing the wake up time by 15 min. everyday. This way you’ll set yourself doing better everyday & thus will become able to wake up early!



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“Wake Up With Determination. Go To Bed With Satisfaction”

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