Do you believe, just a good diet will be enough to make you lose body weight? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that, there are millions of people dieting each year but most are failing at those diets!

We’ll find out the reason in this article as to why this happens.



Your biggest obstruction



“Brain” the master of our body regulates almost everything from head to toe. From when you’ll feel hungry to when you need to sleep, all covers all!

Its relation with weight loss is quite interesting! Your body weight is regulated by the brain & if you don’t know that, you’re going to be surprised when your brain and body start fighting back against your weight loss event.

So, brain will be your biggest obstruction in losing weight!




The Process



The process goes like this- whenever your body weight changes too much, your brain will intervene to push it back to what it thinks is the correct weight for you.
Everyone has a certain level of body fat that their bodies are happiest at. And just like brain defends the body temperature, it will defend this body fat too.

Thus, as you lose weight, the amount of leptin in your bloodstream drops — and that’s where the problem begins.

It sends a signal to your brain to help you fight to bring that fat back. Of course, that’s the exact opposite effect that you’re going for.




The solution



So now you know why it’s so hard to lose weight and even harder to maintain that.

Sure, you can do it for a time, but eventually your brain will win out and you’ll stand in your kitchen again.

The easiest and more sustainable method is to do things that make your brain more comfortable at a lower weight.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is don’t start skipping meals on the very first day, reduce your food consumption slowly day after day & start adding health food to it in steps.

Suppose if you consume a heavy unhealthy meal, on the first day try to eat less than what you consume regularly & in place of that amount add something healthy. Same lies with the exercising portion, start off with as low as 5 push-ups & increase the number gradually day by day.

This will slowly pull your brain to a lower body fat level. And as you do this, keep performing exercises & physical activities to keep the metabolism normal!

And last but most importantly, identify a reason to stick to losing body weight, and make sure it emphasizes the positivity rather than negativity, something that can beat yourself up for wanting a bite of cake.






Your brain doesn’t want you to lose weight & for that it throws everything it can at the problem to keep it from happening.

You have to keep your body comfortable with your weight loss process it shouldn’t sabotage your efforts.

Remember if you’re kind to your body, your body is more likely to be kind back.
So go slow, get plenty of sleep, regular exercise, and try to keep your stress levels under control.


“Stop Wishing, Start Doing”







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