Do you know why most restaurateurs give little thought to the background music they play. It may surprise you but music plays a massive role in how much you’ll enjoy your meal.
Restaurants and supermarkets use this ambient music strategically to influence consumer buying behavior. They knew the secret that certain music directly impact person’s subconscious mind which tends them to order more.

So why is this! Why music affects our food choices so much? Well, in this article we’ll find out the complete logic behind it.






The Research




In order to find out how background music affects our food choice, visitors to one café in Sweden, over the course of two days, encountered many different kinds of music, played on a loop.
Specific items were selected for the menu and researchers tallied what people had while a certain genre was playing, at a certain volume.

It includes both healthy choices such as salad, neutral choices like coffee or tea, and unhealthy ones, such as cakes and chocolates.

It was found that when quieter music played, people were 10% more likely to select healthy choices. When louder music was on, they were more likely to make less healthful ones.

This thus proved that Music played at loud volume can influence us to make unhealthy food choices, regardless of genre. And music at low volume can lead to healthy choices.





The Logic



Tempo of music has long been linked to levels of excitement – a quicker beat raises the heart rate while a slower rhythm induces relaxation.

That’s the reason why, softer music has a calming effect and makes you more mindful of what your order, while louder environments increase stimulation and stress, inspiring diners to reach for unhealthier options.





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