While it may be increasingly fashionable to wear shoes without socks, it is not really a good idea. By wearing a shoe without a sock, you are exposing yourself to fungal infections.

Our feet give out around 230ml of sweat every day and without socks to absorb the sweat, while socks may not look appealing with your boat shoes, there are health effects associated with not wearing socks. For instance, wearing socks can help prevent diseases like athletes foot, callus, and another fungus.

Socks can also help with chafed and cracked skin. Constantly rubbing up against your footwear has a high toll to pay on your feet and their skin.

Wearing a pair of socks can softening up some of the dry and cracked skin naturally. It just goes into the unbreathable material in shoes leading to athlete’s foot, leaving a person with flaky, sore and scaly feet.



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